How to Find Lonely Women

What are three tell-tale signs that a woman is thinking, “Help me, I’m lonely?”

How to find lonely women

Is she giving you The Eye? There is a chance she is just lonely... but it doesn't hurt to go see for yourself

All women give off signs… especially lonely women.

But do you know how to read them?

First of all, if she’s a friend of yours that you can see on Facebook, then there’s a good sign you can tell by her posts. She may be fishing for validation or wanting people to respond to her. If she’s making wild statements or taking weird photos, then she is probably seeking validation from people. She’s just waiting for a guy like you to entertain her and give her attention. She’s displaying signs of needy behavior, and that’s probably a sign that she’s lonely and she’s looking for people to come into her life.

Is she looking for attention?

If you’re at a bar, a lonely girl will want people to come up and talk to her. She’s probably throwing eye contact around and allowing her body to be more open. She’s might invite people to come, entertain her, and give her some attention, rather than closing herself off to people.

If she’s a friend of yours,or a past lover, she might be trying to communicate with you more than she ever has. She might look for ways to get you out of the house with her. If she’s lonely, then she might give you more attention than she normally would.

How would you handle a lonely woman?

If she wasn’t giving you attention before, then all of a sudden she’s wants to engage you because she’s feeling lonely, do not go with it. She’s walking over you, and you want to be valued as a person and not just her fallback option. Lonely women are just going to suck the life out of you.

If she’s at that point where you’re almost a backup option for her, it’s very important to be strong, value yourself, and not succumb to that. You’re better than that.

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Lonely women might be good for a one-night stand though.

But it depends on the person. If a girl is displaying signs that she’s very sexually interested in you and she wants some short-term fun, she will be flirtatious. She’ll be open sexually, she’ll be touching you, she might be suggestive towards you, and she might be giving you really strong eye contact. She might actually ask where you live, where are you staying, do you want to head out towards your way, or do you want to come back with me? “Maybe we’ll have a few drinks at my place,” is a classic line meaning… she wants to have sex with you.

The signs there are that she’s lonely, she’s probably a little horny, and she wants to have some fun. She might just be lonely, and she might just want to find a new man in her life? She might just want some companionship? She might just be looking for a friend to talk to, so it’s about reading that and picking up on that and working with that.

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