How to Flirt Through Texting and Melt Her With Your Words

Text messages that will have her knocking on your bedroom door…

How to flirt with text

Keep it fun, short, and flirty

Flirting with a girl through text and melting her with your words.

There may be words that you use or ways that you talk when you are face-to-face with someone, but when you have the barrier of technology between you there is a whole other language you can use. You can still use things like double entendres, and make sure that you’re coming across as playful and cute.

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It’s almost a more powerful tool to flirting when you’re on text, because it’s her voice in her own head that’s speaking to her and it’s like direct access to her brain.

Being able to use punctuation, like bold, capital letters and stuff to really emphasize your thoughts using winks and emoticons can really come across flirty when texting with a girl.

In texting, it’s all about what you say and how you say it.

You don’t necessarily have emoticons in a lot of phones these days, you have the universal wink or the smiley face symbols that you could use, and really painting those pictures using parentheses. These things can really help you express cuteness in your messages and create a flirtatiousness through text messages.

Give her a wink, a smile, a little something extra to show your interest.

If you were to type something that you’d say in person without any of those punctuations or anything like that, then it’s either going to look weird or she’s just not going to get the point. She’ll just think it’s a friendly text or a weird looking text. That extra pizazz is needed when you are going for the double entendres and other ways of flirting in your texts.

You don’t want her to get a creepy or strange vibe from a message that should be flirty and fun.

When you are talking about words and when you’re trying to use them with a woman, you need to know how much to write, and when to stop. Novel-sized texts and long drawn out texts can come across as boring. Texting is about small, fun, and flirty comments being sent back and forth quickly.

Don’t take too much time, because it can be a turn off if a girl is waiting on your responses.

Here are some guidelines you should follow with text: keep things short and keep thing intriguing.

When you text a girl you don’t necessarily have to reply to everything that she writes, long novels, pages of stuff are things that you want to stay away from, because that’s going to send the girl in the opposite direction. You will repel her, not attract her.

Remember, keep your text flirting to fun, cute, and playful.

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