How to Flirt with a Leo Woman Using Aggressive Tactics

Be the true king of jungle and tame that wild lioness

How to Flirt with a Leo Woman Using Aggressive Tactics

A Leo might test how aggressive you can be

Flirting with Leo women you’ve met for the first time can be tricky, especially with their sometimes aggressive tactics.

But Leo’s tend to be independent and controlling, so meeting their tactics with your own aggression… could be the best way to flirt with her.

These women may be out looking for sex at a night club, so they want you to be a little more aggressive. Aggressive doesn’t mean you have to be overt. What it means is that you own your intentions. You’re comfortable flirting with her and that you’re not afraid to escalate and make a move. When you flirt with this type of woman, showing her that you know what you want can be a real turn on.

Going direct and being willing to touch her a lot can move things forward in a really powerful way. 

That doesn’t mean that you have to be aggressive, grabbing her, or being overbearing. It’s more in the fact that you’re comfortable escalating things and you’re doing it in a fast and smooth way. Knowing when to move things forward, and when to let your flirtations slow down can really catch a woman’s interest, and show her you are the take charge kind of guy she’s looking for.

Leo women love to flirt with a guy like this.

A good tip for guys that don’t know how to touch or want to become more sexual and aggressive in their touching is to take some Latin dancing classes.

Not only can Latin dancing be a great way to loosen up your body and make you more appealing on the dance floor, but it will give you an opportunity to learn to touch women and be in an environment where it’s acceptable to touch women.  You can learn how to touch in a way that can be sensual, sexy, and aggressive, but still doesn’t make her feel repulsed.

Dancing can be a very powerful skill to know, when you are flirting with independent Leo’s.

A lot can be said for a man who knows how to move his hips. Many women will notice that in a man and I certainly notice it in a woman too. If a man knows how to move his hips, then it’s a good sign that he knows how to use his hips in a sexual context. This can be really appealing to a woman, so you’re actually killing two birds with one stone.

The art of dance can be very flirtatious and your movements can get any woman (especially a Leo) thinking about how you’d move in a different much more private way.

You would be learning how to touch women and you’re in an environment where you can do it without worrying about the consequences.  You’re learning how to do it sexually and sensually but you’re also learning how to use your body better and how to be more sexual in your body language.  Women will start to pick up on this when you’re out and about.

A man who knows his body, and knows how to use his body to show his interest in a woman can really speed up the flirting process.

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