How To Get A Fuck Buddy

How To Get A Fuck Buddy

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Whether you want to know how to get a fuck buddy, or whether you’re wondering if such a casual relationship is your thing – I am here to help you out! Don’t you want to have regular sex with an incredibly hot girl, with NO STRINGS ATTACHED? Keep reading 😉

Just what is a fuck buddy?

A fuck buddy is a sexual partner with whom you have neither a relationship in the traditional sense, nor even an emotional connection. The idea is to keep things simple and just base the relationship on a physical exchange of sex.

A fuck buddy provides you with most of the benefits of a relationship, without all of the emotional baggage and problems. Fuck buddies have a mutual understanding that they both want sex, and nothing more.

Getting a fuck buddy can be a good idea if you’re…

  1. A guy who’s quite busy in his life and doesn’t have time for a commitment to a more serious kind of relationship. Not only will a fuck buddy never ask you to go to the movies or wonder why you came home late, but sex is also a great stress reliever.
  2. Just looking to expand your horizon and gain more sexual experiences.
  3. Or, perhaps you’re like me – content in being single most of the time, don’t need anyone’s validation, and only occasionally want the affection and intimacy of a girl.

If either of these three ring a bell, then getting a fuck buddy is the right thing to do. Now that we’ve talked about whether getting a fuck buddy is your kind of thing, how would you actually go about getting one?

Be clear about your intentions…

First, you have to tell the girl you are interested in that you want a fuck buddy. If you never tell her, don’t expect for her to magically guess your intentions and then offer you a deal – you have to be the one to initiate.

Now, if you’re not yet at that stage where a sexual relationship is feasible, but you’ve met a girl and it looks like she might be developing some attraction towards you, it’s important for you to be honest with her right from the start and tell her that you’re only looking for a physical relationship. This avoids any emotional pain down the road and prevents her from getting invested in you and getting her heart broken.

Escalate quickly, show your sexuality…

If you want to attract fuck buddies right from the start, you need to stop using your mouth so much when meeting girls. I’m not telling you to be quiet or anything, but if you want the relationship to be physical, then you’re going to have to tone down the conversational aspect of it and emphasize your sexual desires towards her.

By setting a very sexual framework for the casual relationship right from the start, you will show her that you’re a fun person to get physical with, and that you’re a potential fuck buddy for her. We have a whole series of articles designed for you to learn the various subtle escalation techniques.

For example, within the first few minutes of meeting a woman, you already want to be touching her. Not in an open and obvious way – just the ‘accidental’ touch of her elbow, or talk quietly in a loud environment so that you have the opportunity to brush up against her ear. She might not even realize, but on a subconscious level you’re already imprinting yourself in her mind as a potential sex partner – whether serious or casual.

Understand that a fuck buddy has no time for emotional attachments…

This is crucial, and you need to be prepared for this. If either one of you starts developing stronger emotions for each other, then you need to end the casual relationship right then and there.

Whenever you are in a casual relationship that doesn’t go beyond the physical, you need to leave your emotions by the door. Calling your fuck buddy late in the evening for a booty call is fine; asking them to go to dinner with your family is crossing a line. Get yourself a serious relationship if you want that.

Having a fuck buddy is great practice on a sexual level. If you haven’t had a lot of sexual experience, or perhaps you lack sexual confidence or experience with women in general, then having a fuck buddy is an exciting way to put yourself on the fast track to greater success with women. It’s one of the things I tend to suggest to guys I coach.

Fuck buddies are a great way to sharpen your skills because you have someone to practice on and you can experiment with different positions and techniques. But, the most important point I want you to take from this article is that when you’re creating a fuck buddy relationship – you need to properly set your boundaries.