How To Get A Fuck By Not Making These Mistakes

How To Get A Fuck By Not Making These Mistakes

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I’m going to spell out some common mistakes that always prevent guys from getting their cock wet and creating a memorable night.

So, you’ve made your move, you’ve become invested in her, and then you’ve blown it. Does this story sound familiar? I bet it does! I know this has happened to almost every guy I know, but the guys who go on to have amazing success with women use it as a learning curve and just move on. The other guys who fail dismally with women get frustrated. They don’t learn from these valuable lessons. Don’t end up like those guys.

Remember: Finding women and finding sex becomes easier when you take rejection as a learning opportunity.

Make sure you pull the trigger quickly!

The first mistake is not pulling the trigger early enough. You’re talking to a girl and things are going well, and you’re wondering in your head, when is the right time to pull the trigger? When’s the right time to go for a make out or pull her out of the club or take her to the toilet and bang her?

If you’re thinking that, then the right time is then and there. The longer you leave this moment waiting, the greater chance you have of losing her. She’s going to get so bored wondering if you have the balls to pull the trigger that she’s going to either find someone else or just leave.

Take some risks!

Start being more of a trigger puller. Take some risks! Don’t be scared to fail. Just get into the habit. You don’t want to die wondering, so it’s best you’d rather fail and get rejected than just not try at all.

Be up-front and honest…

Often, when we’re in that beginning stage of getting good with women, we still harness that belief that, if we show our true interests in her, there’s a greater chance that we’re going to lose her, because she’s going to get somehow offended that we like her or have a sexual desire for her.

The quicker you can get rid of this mindset, the better. Guys that I know that get laid frequently will instantly display their attraction to her by complimenting her, giving her strong eye contact, or getting physical with her early on. They make no apologies for the affection they feel towards her, and nor should you when looking for friends with benefits or a girlfriend.

It’s human nature. Plus, if she feels that you’re not demonstrating any signs of attraction to her, then she’s either going to get bored and leave, or she’s just going to think you’re not interested in her, so state your intentions as soon as possible.

Don’t talk her ear off!

While conversation is important, the real game is happening with your physical contact. Sure, you’ve been talking to her, but you also want to be getting physical with her as soon as possible. Get physical by touching her, by getting up close to her, and by leading her.

I’ve had girls before that weren’t really interested in me, but as soon as I started to touch them and get more physical with them, it sparked their attraction for me and I ended up taking them home with me.

Plan the logistics!

Logistics can be one of the most important things in getting women. You could be doing everything right, but if she has bad logistics or you don’t think ahead about the situation, you’re going to fail in your move to bring her back to your place.

Get in early, and start asking her early and investigate what her logistics are like. Is she going home with her friend? Where does she live? Who is she here with? All of that information is vital for working out how you can bring her back to your place.

Finally, don’t look desperate…

Desperation is an instant turnoff for any girl. As soon as she can smell desperation and neediness, she’s going to be running for the hills quite fast. You don’t want to come across as appearing sexually needy or just needy in general. You want to make her feel like you’re a confident, cool dude that hooks up with women regularly.