How To Get A Girl To Chase You

You want to get a girl, right?

Some men never need to ask a woman out.

Women chase them, 100% of the time. I’ve backwards engineered their skills and these tips will help you make women chase you too

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Men have this fantasy about being chased, instead of always being the pursuer. One of the ultimate goals with being with girls is for you to be able to stop having to make all the effort, to get girls to make the effort to arrange dates and actually have them chasing you. Ultimately, if you get really good at this, you can get a girl to chase you like a guy would normally chase a really attractive girl.

How to get a girl

Make her want you so bad... she can't wait to dig her nails into you.

Get a girl to chase you.

So… what would cause a girl to chase a guy? An important word to remember is the way to make this fantasy become reality is called investment. An investment simply means anything that you do to contribute to something or to put money or effort into it. For example, we say we’re going to invest in a house. What is the first step we do? We put money into the purchase of the house.

Get her to invest in you.

If we want to invest into ourselves; we might do a course or buy a book.  So, it’s really a matter of putting some effort into something for some sort of future gain or future reward. Now, when it comes to girls, that investment becomes an investment she puts into you or the relationship between the two of you. So anything she does for you, buys for you, the times she thinks of you, the amount of energy she spends, and especially things she does to get the relationship between the two of you to work all qualify as an investment. She has invested in you. Maybe she talks about you with her friends, and she learns through the process on how to be a better girlfriend. She could study how to attract men, and learn what makes them happy, something as small as holding your drink in the night club or perhaps readjusting her schedule to see you.

Get her to do something.

It could be as big as paying for you to come visit her or something special for the two of you or maybe even buying you a present for your birthday. The more she’s invested in the process, the more she’s going to value it and the more she’s going to want to make it work and put an effort into it. So, it’s important right from the start that you get girls in the habit of investing, investing in you and investing in the relationship.  It might be even just a simple thing of walking with you, or sitting down at a bar, so she can talk to you. It might be introducing you to her friends. She has made an investment in you and your relationship.

Once something like this gets started, it’s almost like a ladder, it starts with a small investment and it keeps working its way towards growing like most investments should. This becomes a very simple and powerful way to get girls to chase you.

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