How To Get A Girl To Have Sex

How To Get A Girl To Have Sex

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If you’re looking this topic up, I already know something about you. I know you’re probably the type of guy that has a terrible mindset with girls. By making some minor tweaks to your personality, sleeping with girls is going to be simple. You’re going to be kicking yourself that you didn’t work this shit out earlier.

But here’s the thing – what’s a guy like who gets lots of sex and never has problems with women? What are the characteristics that make him this way? First of all, he’s a guy that’s relaxed about all things sexual. He has no sexual hang-ups, he’s liberal about sex, not afraid to get his gear off, and really doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

He doesn’t need to gloat, he doesn’t need to talk about it, and he has a healthy appreciation of women as sexual beings. While he doesn’t objectify them, he sees them as sexual beings. To him, a girl who likes sex is not a slut. She’s just a girl that is not affected by religion or social norms.

How does a guy get casual sex?

A guy that gets a lot of sex is generally a fun, chilled, and positive guy. He’s a guy that’s great to be around. He’s a lot of fun. He’s got a very optimistic outlook of life. People like hanging around him and he’s cool and makes people feel good about themselves.

You rarely see a very pessimistic and neurotic guy doing well with women and getting lots of sex. He’s awkward to be around, he makes you feel uncomfortable, and women don’t really feel sexual around him. This is how a relaxed guy finds it so easy finding women to have sex!

Be fit and active and you’ll get a girlfriend to have sex…

A guy that gets lots of sex is usually relatively fit, active, or even quite stylish. He looks after himself. He does care about his appearance. Sometimes, you even see these surfer guys that are really laid back and perhaps wear minimal clothes. They still have quite a cool look about them, a very sexy look, and a look that really turns girls on.

Be dominant…

A guy that gets a lot of sex is also decisive and dominant. He’s in touch with his masculine side. He’s not scared of rejection or stating his intentions to a girl. He’s comfortable with it, and most importantly, has got his shit sorted out in life.

He knows where he’s going, he’s in control of his life, he’s not letting life dictate him, and he’s going on an interesting and exciting journey, a journey that a lot of women want to come for a ride on.

Can you learn to get girls to have sex with you? Sure you can!

I want you to look at yourself. Do you fit into any of these? Do you fit into this mold? If you’re reading this article today, you probably don’t – but the good news is, you now have a level to aspire to! You know the characteristics that get women hot and horny, and you can start directing your life to start becoming the guy that women want to have sex with.