How To Get A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend Already

Here’s the one thing you NEED to know if you want to “out-do” her current boyfriend:

Guys usually wonder about the morals of this situation. Is it a bad thing or are there any sort of rules around it?

Will it Compromise Your Scruples to Get a Girl with a Boy

How would one do it; what sort of guide would you need to be better than a girl’s current boyfriend in order for it happen? Every situation is different — some are a really bad idea and, in some situations, it’s a very good idea. Statistically 80% of people in the world are in relationships, so there’s a very good chance that when you meet a girl, especially an attractive girl, she’s going to have a boyfriend.

You can’t always guard against meeting a girl who’s currently in a relationship, because a lot of girls won’t actually get into another relationship — a new one — unless they are already in one;  they don’t like to be single. A lot of attractive girls will just go from one to the next.  They call it branching, where you don’t let go of one branch until you’ve got another branch in your hand. To my mind, it comes down to mostly about how happy she is in the relationship. To get a girl with a boyfriend, you’ve got to treat each situation as a little bit different.

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If you meet a girl who’s got a boyfriend and she’s really not satisfied or happy,  she pretty much wants to leave him,  it’s going badly, and he’s not a very good boyfriend, I think it’s fair game.  I think that it’s really up to him to have done his best, and if he didn’t, to step aside. At the same time, if you meet a girl who seems very happy, like she’s talking about a future with a guy, who seems to be her soul mate and he’s a really nice guy, well, I think you should leave them alone. I think it’s not a very good idea to mess with that, especially if you’re not interested in dating the girl for a long period of time — I think in that case you’re just going to be pretty much a prick.

The next thing is what sort of guy do you need to be to get a girl?

Do you need to be better than the guy she’s currently with?  Usually no.  I think usually what you’ve got in your favor is that most boyfriends are boring. Your best chance to get a girl who already has a boyfriend is when things are not going so well for her at home. Most boyfriends pretty quickly stop dating girls,  stop being fun,  become couch boyfriends, play too many computer games,  get fat, and just stop being interesting.

The main thing  to help you get a girl with a boyfriend is to be fun,  give her adventure,  show her a good time, be  more spontaneous and interesting, and provide opportunities for you to do things together. That will make the difference, because you can pretty much count on most boyfriends taking their girlfriend for granted and not really putting in much of an effort.

Even a guy who’s really interesting at the start, takes a girl on lots of dates, and has lots of fun with a girl, within a pretty short period of time will stop making an effort, start to get predictable, and stop being fun. At this point, rather than compromising your scruples, you might think you’re doing a girl a favor to drop her boyfriend for you.

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