How To Get Back Together With Your Girlfriend After a Big Fight

Don’t worry about who’s right or wrong –

Figure out why it really happened in the first place and you’ll be on your way back to the bedroom for the hottest make-up sex of your life before you know it…

How To Get Back Together With Your Girlfriend

It's not always so black and white...

A fight with girlfriend can be healthy.

Looking at this from a different angle than usual, the idea of being in a relationship and having a fight now and then is a really good thing. You can’t and you’re not going to always agree. You won’t always see eye-to-eye on everything. Indeed, if you did, it would probably be very boring.

But one of the benefits here is that you can turn this situation around. Then you’re going to have this amazing and very passionate make up sex that will probably get you closer together. She doesn’t expect you to always agree with her.

She’s testing you.

Sometimes she’s fighting because she wants to see how that affects you, how that changes you as a man, whether she can let her bullshit distract you from your own stuff. Don’t always see it as being so personal and vindictive, because it’s not.

Look deeper.

If you fight a lot, you want to consider why you guys are fighting so much. What is really going on? Women won’t always tell you exactly what she is thinking, but if you can look deep within her, then you will be able to figure it out. You can use fights as a way to learn more about her.

It isn’t logical.

For a lot of guys, they get overly caught up in the argumentative side of fights. They take the woman really logically and want to win the argument, more so than actually considering that maybe she’s trying to communicate something that he’s not picking up on. Try really listening to her… not necessarily her words, but what she is really trying to communicate to you.

It isn’t about being right.

It doesn’t really matter who is right. You don’t need to be right. You don’t need to win the fight. Winning the fight doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t gain you anything. It’s just an ego thing. But you do want to pay attention to what she’s trying to communicate to you. Yes, she might be saying one thing, but she might be feeling something totally different; and you’re getting so caught up as a man trying to be argumentative, that you’re not realizing that maybe all she really needs is a little bit of your attention, and that’s why she started the fight in the first place.

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