How To Get Better Sex

How To Get Better Sex

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Do you want to be having better sex? How do you increase your ability in the bedroom? Well – it’s easy, when you learn the tips I’m about to share.

An active and enjoyable sex life is an essential part of our lives and is also a key foundation for a happy relationship. When you’re a dynamic lover in the bedroom, those issues that may have plagued you in previous relationships will start to disintegrate and girls will be clearing out their schedules just to get a moment of your time. Thousands of guys just like you want to know the secrets, and now I want to give them you to you.

The art of massage…

The first great tip for getting better sex is to learn massage. You can take a massage course to learn the basic motions of massage and then practice your newly-learned techniques with your woman. When you’re on top of a girl and massaging her naked body, what do you think is going to happen? The level of intimacy and arousal is going to go through the roof, and more often than not it’s going to end up in great sex.

When you are giving a woman a massage, she is relaxing and unwinding from the stresses of everyday life – making her more up for some fun. You could also purchase some edible massage oils or meditation music to really turn up the intensity of the moment.

Communication and foreplay…

The next thing you should do is encourage open communication in the bedroom. If you tell her what you want and encourage her to tell you what she wants, then you will both be able to express your sexual desires openly. Once you know what gets the other one going, then your sex life is destined to improve.

Another crucial point is that you must not forget about the foreplay. Sex is so much more than just the flustering connection of genitals – it is all about the passion and sensuality of the experience. Foreplay helps set the mood and allows you to get creative and expressive with your sexual desires. This can be anything from role play to mutual masturbation. This is a great way to not only get comfortable with your partner but learn how she likes to be touched and then replicate it to improve your ability to get her to orgasm.

Communication is vitally important when you make love. The more comfortable you are with sex and talking about sex, the more she’s going to feel like she’s able to express herself. If you’re the type of guy that’s embarrassed by sex talk or not comfortable with sex, then you’re not going to get the better sex that you want.

Relight her fire…

Variation and spontaneity is an important factor when it comes to having better sex. Throw out any routines and learn to enjoy spontaneous sex. Be sure to experiment with your bodies and always seek out new positions or variations of your favorites. An exciting and healthy sex life is achieved by keeping things interesting and never letting that sexual spark go out.

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