How to Get Laid Being a Nice Guy

FACT: You can be a nice guy and get rewarded for it with lots and lots of sex with beautiful women.

The idea that nice guys finish last is total nonsense.

If you think about it logically you will see that. Read this article to find out 3 ways to learn how your natural nice nature can get you even more sex than you can handle.

How to get laid when you are nice

Nice guys can get a lot of kisses, women, and more...

1. You can’t be a sap though.

There is a difference, however I have to warn you between being a nice guy and a soppy sap. You need to learn to walk the line. In order to find the right balance you need to be willing to point out where the line actually is. A lot of guys recognize, when they’re being put into that soppy frame. The challenge for them is that they don’t want to be seen as an asshole. They don’t want to be seen as a jerk, so they try to be really nice.

2. You don’t have to be an asshole.

It’s important to recognize that you can have success with women, indeed, significant success with women, without having to become a complete jerk. I encourage guys to just test the waters a little bit. See what they can get away with. This is really the case where you have to go over the line, in order to recognize where it is.

And here is the great new, because you are a nice guy your nature allow you to be confident in a sexy way, but stop you becoming an arrogant jerk. You will automatically get to the point where get to a point where you say to say to yourself: “This is no longer who I want to be. This doesn’t feel right to me. It feels like I’m just putting on a mask and it feels like I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum to where I was at before.”

3. But the massive shift you have made toward self belief will make you very attractive to women.

I wouldn’t say that you want to fall exactly into the middle, but you want your personality to be able to fluctuate. So sometimes you’ll be a little bit aggressive and might come off as a bit of a jerk; and other times you’ll be excessively nice. If your personality can just move back and forth between those two extremes, every now and then you’ll land somewhere in the middle – and that’s when you know that you’ve struck gold and you’re at the right balance.

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