How to Have Longer Lasting Sex

You can have long-lasting, mind-blowing sex if you give this activity the attention it deserves...

Many men are concerned with how to have longer lasting sex.

One of their most common fears is premature ejaculation. This appears to be a very common issue for men, especially younger men. However, there are a few things that can be done to help prevent this. The following tips will help you have sex longer, and make it lasting and more satisfying.

How to Have Longer Lasting Sex

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Tip #1:  Avoid ineffective products

First and foremost, don’t waste your money on products marketed to insecure men.

Many products claim to fame is to prevent premature ejaculation, such as tablets, lozenges, nasal sprays. There are also many claims using strange tricks and techniques. Save your time and your money, because these products do not help you have longer sex, and you are throwing your money down the drain. Products with gimmicks are set to entice and prey on insecurity.

Tip #2:   Masturbate strategically 

Before you have sex, and especially if you are younger, make sure that you masturbate at least one hour before you plan on having sex. This will help delay ejaculation, when you are with a woman later. Also, if you are not having sex often, then masturbating regularly will help prevent premature ejaculation when you do have sex.

Tip#3:  Wear two condoms

I know it seems weird, but wearing two condoms helps in reducing friction and sensitivity while having sex, therefore extending the time it takes for you to climax. Try it, it makes sense, and it works.

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Tip#4:  Have more sex

Premature ejaculation is often caused by men being sensitive to the feelings of the actual sexual process. The more sex you have, the more desensitized (and longer lasting) you will be. You will have more stamina and be able to last longer.

Tip#4:  Have self-compassion

Having self-compassion involves not being too hard on yourself. Relax and quit putting too much pressure on yourself to perform. Scientific studies have shown that there are negative consequences for those who do not have self-compassion. Having self-compassion also strengthens your everyday life. Be good to yourself, and think good thoughts.

One recent study reviewed two different types of people.

One group was very critical toward themselves and others, and the other group was less critical and more self-compassionate. Both groups were interested in health, fitness, and losing weight. Both groups were given a piece of cake. The end result was that the group who were self-critical was not satisfied with one piece of cake. They wanted more and ate another piece. The self-compassion group; however, were satisfied with only one. What was the self-critical group hoping to achieve by seeking more? Essentially, they were not satisfied. The group who allowed themselves to have only one piece of cake (and not feel guilty) ended up being satisfied.

What I realized is that self-compassion is the key to satisfaction and consistency.

For men who are self-critical, if they prematurely ejaculate, they beat themselves up for it. They make a big deal out of it, which just increases the problem. They embrace the negative emotions, scold themselves, and get angry. They then search on the internet for ways to prevent this from happening again, but nothing they find works because the problem is in how they think.

It becomes a vicious cycle.

Another study focused on people who blush when they are in social situations. Similar results were found. People who tried not to blush ended up blushing more. Those who were self-compassionate blushed less, because they allowed themselves to make mistakes. Allowing for mistakes helped in being more consistent and also in reducing blushing.

Premature ejaculation can be equated to both studies.

The more you get angry with yourself, or judge yourself, the more critical you become and the behavior that you are trying to avoid increases. Learning to have longer and lasting sex starts with your mindset. Give yourself space to make mistakes. Taking the pressure off of yourself to perform will go a long way in gaining that satisfaction in the life you are seeking. Being self-critical is self-defeating. You are damned in everything in your life, and will never be able to have real satisfaction in anything you try. You will always beat yourself up, start over again, and repeat the cycle. Premature ejaculation will just be one of the many consequences in your life that keep repeating.

Self-compassion gives you the right to make mistakes, because you pick yourself up and brush yourself off. Learn to be that person, and satisfaction is sure to follow.

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