How To Hit On A Police Woman

How To Hit On A Police Woman

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Young slim pole dance woman in police clothing.

Knowing how to hit on a police woman is a very useful skill that, once learned, can pave the way to a whole new world of women. Knowing how to hit on a police woman is the most powerful ability that comes with being a man. It is against federal law to hit on a police woman because it impairs their ability to carry out the law. The knowledge of how to hit on a police woman comes from being able to attract a commanding officer. It’s very dangerous but if you can pull it off it has great benefits for obvious reasons.

Subtly above all else
In order to hit on a police woman you need to be very delicate without showing you’re being delicate. Do not make large compliments, but go for small riddle types of comments. Don’t use the ones where it takes them a few minutes to figure it out, but instead try something that disguises a compliment in harmless words. Also, keep your hands off the police woman until you get into a well-known relationship. These women hold the highest respect out of all the employed women in the United States, especially since it’s so hard for a woman to earn a uniform. It may be unfair, but that’s how the world works, so just make sure you know she likes you before you try anything that could land you in jail.

They work a very difficult job and, according to statistics, are one of the lowest paid jobs available today. This means they chose this job for its importance, not its pay rate, which is something not a lot of people choose to do. Showing your admiration for what they do without bringing up gender is a way to get your foot in the door. It’s also a great way of complimenting them without becoming a perpetrator of sexual harassment. While not all female cops do this, there are some female cops that wear sexually appealing clothes just to meet their quota for the month. However, this eventually catches up with them because just like the military, they are required to wear their uniform a specified way.

The only way you can ask a police woman out on a date is to ask them if they wouldn’t mind getting a cup of coffee. Asking a police woman out on a date falls into sexual harassment and is very dangerous territory. In order to hit on a police woman while at a coffee shop, you have to complement their dedication to their uniform. However, the best way to have a good first date with a police woman is to directly ask her if she wouldn’t mind grabbing a cup of coffee on her time off, which allows you to freely talk to her while she’s out of uniform.

Not in the middle
Do not ever try to hit on a police woman while being ticketed or arrested. On top of sexual harassment, they can file for police bribery, verbal assault, and, depending on what you say, possible pre-meditated rape. Some of these you may have just laughed at, but would you risk them just to say a cheap line to the officer? The best way to hit on a police woman is to ask her once she’s off duty. While in uniform she may have had the power of jailing you for sexually harassing a police officer, but in the off duty hours she doesn’t have this power.

Whether it’s on duty or off duty, you should still be very careful in how you hit on a police woman. While most of this article may have talked about how it could land you into trouble, remember that distractions may cause a female police officer actual harm in the line of duty. It may be difficult, but if you can land a relationship with a police woman you’ll reap all the benefits of a woman in uniform, such as loyalty, which is a rare quality in women these days. So have fun, enjoy the thrill of possible danger, and go where few men dare to go!

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