How To Know If Your Date Is Ready For That First Kiss?

How To Know If Your Date Is Ready For That First Kiss?

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Knowing when and if your date is ready for that first kiss can be very tricky, and a lot of men manage to miss the chance because they don’t know when the time is right. The problem is that men are normally impatient when it comes to kissing, and your date is ready for that first kiss when she decides she is. Therefore, you need to know your date to make sure that the kiss doesn’t ruin the budding relationship that you have. This means watching for women when they lean in, giggles in flirty situations, and whether she is touching you more than she is talking to you.


To know when your date is read for that first kiss, just let her behavior tell you. When a woman likes a man to the point where they’re willing to kiss them, it becomes obvious when they do three things in one moment. They will brush their hair behind their ear, which is to make sure that that the hair doesn’t get in the way of the kiss. They will bend their head down because it’s a ploy to see if the connectivity between you two is strong enough for you to notice what she wants. The final step that lets you know your date is ready for that first kiss is that she will lean her chest in towards you without lifting her head. This comes from the impulse of wanting you but also wanting you to make the first step.

Unconscious giggling

If your date likes you then she will giggle at some of the smallest things you do and then give you a gender-based reason. This is because the date can no longer control her giddy feelings and her happiness escapes her through a giggle. The moment she does a giggle that is slightly slower than the previous ones means that she’s actually thinking about kissing you. This is very hard to interpret and she must be following the last two steps of the “Lean-ins” in order for it to be mostly true. Many women are different, so this doesn’t always work.

Touching more than talking

If a woman is touching you in places she thinks are friendly, but is letting you talk more than her, it means she’s letting you have control because she likes you. It’s difficult to notice it at first, but it becomes obvious as the night gets later. The moment you can decide whether or not your date is ready for that first kiss boils down to her bodies reaction to when it separates from yours. She will do all the steps of the “Lean-ins” in a faster motion than if she were anytime afterwards. You have to watch her every move because it’s easy to watch it come and go in the blink of an eye.

It’s important to keep an eye on her, and sometimes it requires personal judgment on when the right time is. She is the one who needs to be convinced that she likes you well enough to kiss her, so if all else fails, just let her make the first move on you. You need to be patient, you need to be watchful, but, most of all, you need to be yourself.