How To Make Conversation With A Girl You Like

How To Make Conversation With A Girl You Like

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For a guy who might be put off easily by a girl, or isn’t naturally a good conversationalist, what are some tips for keeping the conversation going? Well, the magic solution is to keep the girl talking, because if she’s talking you know she is engaged and interested in her conversation with you.

Work on yourself…

Concentrate on developing a lifestyle, taking up activities, and building a social circle that’s fun and exciting. This will have you feeling far more confident internally in your own ability to offer value to the world around you. Additionally, you’re going to have more fun and interesting conversation topics for a date, allowing you to connect with girls effectively. If you start to build this lifestyle, you’ll find that people will naturally respond better to you in conversation.

Just carry on talking…

To avoid awkward conversation, use the Nostradamus principle. Nostradamus was a great prophet. He has been proven to have predicted many things after he was dead.

However, the reality of Nostradamus was that he was essentially a babbler who had people following him around to write down what he said. Now, it’s inevitable that if you make prophesies all day, every day, over a period of 20 to 30 years, some of those prophesies are going to come true!

The same philosophy is true when we’re communicating with women. If you just continue to talk and keep conversation going, at some point something you say is going to connect with the girl and she’s going to want to respond to it.

Have confidence in yourself – you’re an interesting guy!

The key to talking to women is having that internal belief that at some point she’s going to work out you’re a great guy. If you have that, and the ability to just keep the conversation going, at some point she’ll recognize what a great guy you are. She’ll pick up on one of your particular topics and will actually be more interested in keeping the conversation going.

Keep your chin up…

A final tip is to get into the habit of being persistent. I find that too many of the guys that I work with have a tendency to give up if they don’t get a really warm response. Demonstrating your persistence when there’s a yellow or red light and using that as an opportunity to work on being unaffected by girls is a really attractive quality. Girls can often be turned around when they give you a yellow light through humor or making fun of the awkwardness of the situation. She’ll actually be more attracted to you and more likely to follow up on a date than had she given you a green light from the start.

So, it’s certainly a good habit to get into being more persistent and pushing through any initial awkwardness. With perseverance, confidence, and lots to say, you’ll find it much easier in the future to make conversation with a girl and whisk her away into the night on the back of your fantastic chat-up lines.