How to make love to an older woman who knows what she wants

Relax, let loose, and you'll both find pleasure.

Show her something new in bed to rock her world — try these simple, sexy tips!

Cougars are a lot of fun sexually.

Here are some cougar dating tips to keep in mind. The first thing you want to remember is, generally an older woman is not looking for much more than a sexual relationship. So, if there are no other needs this woman has in a relationship and sex is all she wants, then this can be a very fun place to be. The sex I personally have had with older women usually one of two things happens.

She leads.

Firstly, the older woman can lead, so she can take me to her bedroom and take charge. She will do what she wants and enjoy herself. Maybe try things with me… sometimes do things I’ve never done before. Usually she is very sexually aggressive, knows what she wants, knows what turns her on exactly, and will verbally tell you during sex as well. A cougar usually holds very little back, when it comes to sex. This is an amazing state to be in and she might know certain things that really turn you on.

She let’s you do what you want.

Now the second thing that can happen when dating a cougar is that she’ll ask me to do whatever I want. She lets me do whatever turns me on, and use her as a sexual item. This really turns her on as well, and usually she could get off and orgasm just from you using her to enjoy yourself. Both of these things are really awesome and a lot of fun.

The key to guys who want to have sex with older women and really enjoy it, is to be really comfortable, have a fun sexual mindset, don’t be too serious, and don’t be overly emotional. Avoid attaching any strings to it after. Now this might sound strange, but a lot of guys want a lot more than just sex from some girls, particularly an older woman that only wants sex. But if you keep it fun, positive, and keep an open mind with it, chances are you’ll have a lot more sex with this particular older woman. Fun sex usually leads to repeat performances.

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Don’t be scared.

A lot of guys can be scared off by how cougars can be. But they are a lot of fun so just go with the flow. If you’re not really sexually experienced let her know, chances are she’ll have a lot of fun opening you up sexually and trying new things with you. If you have had lots of sex before and know exactly what you like, then don’t be scared in telling her. Chances are she’ll be a lot more sexually aggressive than you are. Older women know what they want, and they sure aren’t afraid to tell, and show you exactly how they like it.

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