How to Make Out with Women: Don Juan’s Successful Strategies

How to Make Out with Women 

The key to being really confident and comfortable kissing women is to build your appreciation for them. Seems simple right?

It is.

If you want to make out with women it really helps to feel a strong connection not just to the girl you like but to all women. This really is the inner secret to learning how to make out with women. And not just to make out with them; but to go all the way.

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How to Make Out with Women: Don Juan's Successful Strategies

Focus on learning about all women, not just one woman


In one of my favorite movies Don Juan DeMarco; Johnny Depp plays the world’s ultimate ladies’ man. He calls himself “the world’s greatest lover” and they find him irresistible.

One thing that really stands out in the movie is this connection Don Juan shares with women. It’s like he is able to press some special button women that has them instantly fall in love, want to have sex and find him extremely attractive. You don’t need to turn into Don Juan, but if you can tap a bit of your inner ladies man you’ll never have a problem with how to make out with women again.

Keep reading if you want to know how to make out with women, you want kissing tips or you want to get a girl to kiss you.

Women are often walking around waiting for a man to connect with their femininity and tease out their inner sexual animal. Trying to kiss girls without them being aroused, turned on or encouraged is going to give you stress. Taking a natural and smooth progression to making out when she is begging for you to; is magic. Your ability to press that button comes mostly from how appreciative you are of women.

I’ve had many students do the exercise of walking around with a small notepad all the time. And every woman you see or interact with write down 2-3 things you liked about her. 

When it comes to kissing, focus on THIS.

What I like to do when I want to kiss a girl is to focus on her lips. How soft, succulent and beautiful they are. I imagine the fantasy of kissing them and how good it would feel. That turns me on like crazy!

Seriously women are so beautiful! Begin to appreciate them more and don’t get too logical or think too much. You’ve got pretty powerful primal urges within you – get in closer touch with your natural desires.

You’ve got to allow women to seduce you, to turn you on, to express their femineity. They key is that you’ve got to notice it, appreciate it and connect with it.

Don’t forget about yourself…

You might be thinking of kissing her… well she might be thinking of kissing you.

So get yourself kitted out completely – whitening toothpaste, tongue scraper, breath mints, mouthwash, lip protection balm, and don’t smoke.

It’s not really fair to expect her mouth to be a paradise and you aren’t the same standard. Decode What Women Say

Enjoy the Journey

One key mindset is to enjoy the journey of improving with women. It’s easy to get really caught up on your results and while they are important sometimes you can forget to enjoy the process.

Exploring your sexuality, women’s sensual side and the power of touch and physical contact is more fun than any ride I’ve been on at a theme park. But you should know how to make out with women. It’s the coolest thing ever.

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