How to Make Women Squirt

Many men want to know how to make women squirt.

Like most orgasms, squirting orgasms happen both in a woman’s body AND her mind. Here are the tips you need to arouse her on both of those levels:.

Squirting (female ejaculation) is not something that is typical for most women to do. In fact, the majority of women who experience fluid release, experience an amount that is not considered gushing or squirting.

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However, many men may believe that squirting is more common than it is, because they see it in porno movies or hear it being spoken about amongst friends.

If you are one of these men, then here are a few things that you should know.

How to make women squirt

One step to helping your woman squirt is by getting her as aroused as you can


1. Female squirting by women is in the minority, not majority:

One notable study found the following: Kratochvíl ( in 1994) surveyed 200 women and found that 6% reported ejaculating, an additional 13% had some experience and about 60% reported release of fluid without actual gushing. Reports on the volume of fluid expelled vary considerably from amounts that would be imperceptible to a woman to volumes as high as one pint have been reported. [1]

This study helps to put female ejaculation into perspective.  You will notice from the statistics that not all women squirt. Thus, if you want to learn how to make women squirt, don’t be too hard on yourself if you try your best, but your woman still will not squirt.

2. Squirting (female ejaculation) is controversial:

There are many disagreements amongst the medical community, women, and feminist groups as to the nature of female ejaculation. Scientific studies have been performed, but not enough to fully understand this phenomenon.

Many doctors have attributed female ejaculation to urination. 

However, there is evidence that some ejaculated fluid is not urine. Studies that have evaluated the fluid have had mixed results. In some cases, urine was detected, while in other cases, there was no presence of urine. In general, it is not well understood how and why some women have sudden releases of fluid during orgasm. Because this phenomenon is not well understood, finding the secret to making women squirt is not a simple task.

3. Female orgasm is required:

If a woman is going to squirt, she will do it during an orgasm.  So, you must first be able to help your woman reach orgasm.  In most cases, squirting occurs when a female has an exceptionally strong orgasm. To get your woman to orgasm, she must be properly aroused.

The more time spent getting her aroused will usually result in a stronger orgasm. Review my previous posts about how to get women aroused and horny. In particular focus on the posts that talk about making woman aroused, relaxed, and how to appeal to their senses (such as through food).

In addition, throw in a bit of passion and romance to make her feel desired and safe.  Most importantly, you must become familiar with her clitoris and how she likes it touched and massaged.

Most women cannot orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Remember, it takes time and effort to help a woman orgasm and squirt.  If she does not squirt, but has an orgasm, then from her perspective you have already performed well by bringing her to the point of great pleasure.

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