How To Pick Up Girls

How To Pick Up Girls

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Do you want to know how to pick up girls? Well, when you are talking to beautiful women, it’s important that you let the words naturally flow while letting your actions complement what you are saying. Words only count for so much, but your physical actions really tell a girl your actual intent for her and get her in a sexual frame of mind.

Being adept at touching a woman in a way that is comfortable and arousing is crucial to escalation. Unfortunately, touching is often misunderstood and underplayed. By combining touch with conversation, you’ll be able to escalate rapidly with any woman you desire.

Remember, guys, if you aren’t touching, you aren’t escalating. Seduction is sexual in nature, and sex is a dance with two fundamental aspects, so begin the dance by employing both aspects from the start.

The hands.

The first place to touch a girl is her hands. Her hands give you the greatest indication of where she’s at in the seduction process. If you touch her hand and she is receptive to it, then you know that she’s interested in you. If her hand backs away, you know you’ve still got some work to do in order to build up attraction with her.

There are a couple of ways I like to touch her hand. First, you can grab her hand and start holding it, or if you want to try to get more sensual with it, you can lay your hand right on top of hers and interlock your fingers. Another great thing you can do, if a girl you’re talking to has small hands, is to tell her that her hands are small and say something like, “Wow, you’ve got some tiny little hands there.” Then, thanks to some excellent strategy you are now touching hands!

When you are picking up girls you can also use her hands to know when to kiss a girl. If she’s come up close to you, or if you’re in close distance and she holds your hand, you can be more confident that she’s ready to be kissed. Use the hands to not only build attraction with your girl but also as a measurement tool.

The hair.

Girls are quite sensitive about their hair, so you can be sure that if she lets you touch it then she is quite attracted to you and has built up a decent amount of trust with you. Usually, if you know that if you can touch a girl’s hair and she enjoys it, she’s most likely going to be receptive to you kissing her.

It’s also nice to compliment girls on their hair. Girls spend lots of time blow drying, curling, washing, and cutting their hair, and it’s always nice to throw a compliment to her hair, then touch her hair as you’re complimenting her. This really helps you ramp up the sexual tension between you.

Also, running your hands through her hair gently is a surefire way to send tingles down her spine. You can also let your fingers massage circles from her temples to the nape of her neck, and she’ll be putty in your hands.

The waist.

Generally, when you feel a bit of attraction to a girl, you want to touch her waist. It’s quite a powerful way to touch a girl, so you should ensure that you have a lot of clear signs from her that you’re attractive to her.

Grab her waist and bring her close enough to kiss, or just grab her waist as you talk to her. That mere act will really start to show your sexual intent for her and build up sexual tension between you. Also, touching her waist is great for when you’re dancing. If you take a girl on the dance floor, then it gives you plenty of opportunities to touch her waist and to bring her up closer to you.

If you really want to take your interactions with a girl to a greater level sooner and leave her in no doubt of what your intentions are, then you need to build touch pretty much straightaway. Picking up girls is all about combining good conversation with touch. The three places mentioned today are great ways to turn her on and build up sexual tension between the two of you.