How to Please a Woman in Bed Like She Has Never Been Pleased Before

How can I pleasure a woman in bed? No, wait. I don’t want to just pleasure her. I want to know how to BLOW HER MIND…

Please a woman in bed

It is okay to ask her what she wants in bed... and then give it to her

I think this goes through the minds of a lot of guys, particularly when they start seeing a girl for the first time and they might be heading for a relationship. I know this was going through my mind when I was in a long term relationship with a girl. I wanted to be better than anyone she’d been with before. I think this is a lot easier than most  guys think, and a lot of guys put too much pressure on themselves in this type of situation.

If you’re starting to see a girl and you’re having sex with the girl, that girl really likes you, so you’re already doing some things really well. Keep that in mind, and give yourself a pat on the back to start with.

There are a lot of different issues inside a girl’s mind that relate to her sexual experiences as opposed to a guy’s.

I know if I’ve had the worst day in the world at work or there are a lot of things going wrong in life, I can still have amazing sex and really enjoy it, whereas it’s not always the case for girls.

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So a huge part of it for girls is making them feel extremely comfortable open and having a free environment for them to express themselves. The key to this is communication. It’s nearly impossible to guess with trial and error and work out exactly what turns that specific girl on. Communication is the easiest way to get there.

Now I know a lot of guys struggle with bringing up sexual conversations with a girl. They are especially nervous about asking her what turns her on, or they might do it in the wrong way. They may ask questions as though they were conducting interviews, which could feel pretty intrusive and a bit scary unless she’s a really sexually open minded girl.

The easiest way to discuss sex is right after having sex.

While you can bring up the topic at any time, just after sex is the most productive. For starters, you’ve just had sex so it make sense bringing it up the topic up, and you’re also in a different state after sex. You’re extremely comfortable, I personally find the girls I’m sleeping with are generally looking for a lot of attention or comfort after I’ve had sex with them. We are both generally happy in a really positive state, so it’s a perfect time to bring up sexual conversation.

This is where you start asking about what she prefers to happen in the bedroom.

Ask her about what specifically turns her on, what doesn’t turn her on or what things does she want to try. Make her feel comfortable and positive about it, and never judge. You’d be blown away at the different types of sexual fantasies or ideas that many girls have. Try to keep an open mind about her preferences, and she’ll be more open to yours.

Once you’ve done this a few times after sex, you’ve pushed her boundary to what really turns her on or what’s on her mind.

You can bring on some other stimulus; one book I brought up earlier was, Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden, which is just a huge book of essays just written about girls’ sexual fantasies. I have found this to be really powerful when I share this book with girls I’m seeing or that I’m having a sexual relationship with. Once we go through this book, it brings up a lot of ideas of things we can try. Then we can take those ideas and try some new things. You should also go together to a sex store. You can shop together to find out what she sees that turns her on.

Once you start trying new things sexually, it’s really important to have an open mind about it, because not everything will work the first time you try it.

Things can go wrong, that’s what happens when you’re experimenting. If you’re experimenting, then you’re pushing things a lot further, and you’re doing what not too many guys do at all. The more comfortable and happy you are during these experiences, the happier she’ll feel.

These ideas sound very simple, but I think they’re very powerful. You will find that through trying these steps, you’ll have better sex with this girl than she’s ever had before.

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