How to Please a Woman With Oral Sex

How to Please a Woman With Oral Sex

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Learning how to please a woman orally can immediately and dramatically increase the quality of your sex life with your girlfriend, wife, and/or with any other woman in the future.

While not necessarily a part of the romantic life of many couples – and in fact, there are a good number of women who view cunnilingus as gross, and don’t want you to go down on them – being good at it can convince any woman you are with that it should be, and can serve as both foreplay to the main event of intercourse, or can even stand on its own as a great (or even the most effective) way to make her orgasm.

The first part of pleasing a woman orally regards knowing when to do it. As far as she is concerned, doing it as part of your foreplay is perfect. You can progress easily and naturally from kissing and making out with her, to kissing her neck, moving down to her nipples, and finally farther down. If she has just given you a blowjob, or you simply want to give her a treat (and perhaps that ever-elusive orgasm) you can even do it without any intention of having sex with her after. As far as you should be concerned, however, it is a much more pleasant experience to give a woman oral sex soon after she has taken a shower, and certainly not after she has sweated a lot. The smell and taste of a clean, freshly washed vagina is significantly better than the alternative.

The most important thing to understand when it comes to pleasing a woman orally, however, is how to do it – and do it well.

Being very good at oral sex involves two main things: patience, and technique.

Just as a man does not immediately cum from a blowjob, so too does it take a while for oral sex to satisfy a woman. And yet, many half-hearted attempts at cunnilingus from guys end after only a minute or two, so they can sooner “get to the good stuff.” There is hardly a point to doing it this way. It can take time, and you should be prepared to spend that time to satisfy her.

Finally, you must have good technique if you desire to be good at pleasing a woman orally. Cunnilingus does not involve randomly licking her vagina with your tongue. You should be positioning yourself so that your upper lip rests comfortably on her pubic bone. From her you should begin softly and slowly warming her up and arousing her. Slowly, you can progress to firmer uses of your tongue in more concentrated ways. Rather than licking the entire area you can slowly hone in on her clitoris. Listen to her, and try and follow her non-verbal signals. If you must, eventually, you can even insert your tongue – or a finger – into her vagina directly.

It must be said, however, that every woman is different, and it will take slightly different techniques to stimulate them most effectively. Becoming really good at oral sex with a woman takes practice and communication between the two of you. It might take a while, but it will undoubtedly be worth it – for both of you.