How To Please Your Woman And Have Her Begging For More

How To Please Your Woman And Have Her Begging For More

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Are you looking for ideas to implement into your sex life so that you can spice it up and give her mind-blowing sex? If you can learn to add to her sexual pleasure, then think about how much more enjoyable your sexual experience will be as well.

Tip #1: Smell nice.

Smell is one of the senses that really turn a woman on. Having a nice musky scent really appeals to a woman, so invest in a nice cologne if you really want to catch a woman’s attention and turn her on. It will be worth your while to go on a shopping spree with a couple of girls and get their opinion on some of their favorite scents. This will ensure you have the right one that smells good on you and, more importantly, it smells good to women.

Tip #2: Be spontaneous.

Don’t fall into the same mundane bedroom habits, because routine and boredom will not pleasure your woman for very long. Take the time to spice things up a bit. Maybe when you are out in public, take her to a secluded area and fuck the life out of her. Many times, just varying the place is enough to get the wild sex you both desire. Just the danger of possibly getting caught can be all the spontaneity that you need, and you’ll be glad you found it.

Tip #3: Kiss Her.

Kissing is a very intimate part of the sexual experience and women are all about intimacies. If you really want to spark her desire for you, you really need to keep the emotional level engaged.

If you don’t, she’s going to feel like she’s being used or she’s only a sexual object. When you kiss her, you are adding a connection with her on an emotional level that is something that all women understand. Women are very into emotional sex, so learn the art of kissing.

Tip #4: Tease her.

Teasing is a great foreplay technique when you’re on that initial stage of getting her worked up and wet with desire. I tend to just lightly touch or stroke her body, leaving her vagina out of the mix. Get as close as you can to her pussy and then move away. After a certain period of time she’ll be craving and begging for you to be inside her. Let her guide you to that special sweet spot of hers, and pound the hell out of her.

Tip #5: Dirty talk.

Dirty talking is something that women especially like to hear whispered in their ears. I must admit I found dirty talk to be difficult to do in the beginning, and it was something that I really had to practice and get used to.

It’s really not that difficult though. Dirty talk examples would be, “Do you want me inside you?” or, “Would you like it if I licked you right here, teasing you with my tongue?” Just tease her and tell her how much you want to fuck her, or tell her how much what she’s doing to you is really turning you on. Once you get started and see how hot she’s getting, you’ll find it easier to say those sweet nothings that all women love to hear.

Tip #6: Learn to dominate.

Really exert your maximum presence with her by dominating her and making her feel submissive. A way you can do this is by tying her up and gently manhandling her in a way that doesn’t hurt or threaten her. Women love to be lead, so let that tiger in your tank out and lead her where you want her to go.

Tip #7: Tie her up.

Women love playing a submissive role in the bedroom, and when you restrain her or tie her up, she gets a feeling of helplessness or being controlled by someone else. A good book to read that will give you insight is My Secret Garden” by Nancy Friday. It goes into detail on how women really love to be restrained and dominated by men. Word of warning: Before you do tie her up, make sure that you have her consent.

Tip #8: Use sex toys.

Sex toys are used to enhance a couples’ experience or for interesting bedroom experiments, and not limited to objects that you stick in a variety of orifices. While nothing will compare to your touch and your penis, sex toys can be used in your sexual routines to really keep things interesting and splash up your bedroom experience.

Tip #9: Create anticipation.

During the day, send her text messages telling her what you are going to do to her that night. Whisper in her ear what you’re really going to do right now, and build on that anticipation. It will increase your sexual experience like nothing you have ever seen. Women thrive on anticipating on what can and will happen in their future. Use this to your sexual advantage.

Tip #10: Let her know that you like what she’s doing.

Let her know that what she’s doing to you is something that you are really enjoying. If she’s going down on you or touching you in a special way, let her know how much it’s turning you on. Let her know that she’s touching the right spot or perhaps give her some direction if she’s not. Just help her out a little bit by letting her know that she’s pleasing you. Once you can learn to communicate your desires, she’ll desire to please you more.

Tip #11: Find Her Clit.

A vast majority of women require clitoris stimulation to achieve orgasm. Penetration is usually not enough on its own, so you need to spend some time really massaging and stimulating her clitoris.

If you’re having trouble finding her clitoris, ask her to show you. Tell her to grab your hand and put it where she wants it. She’ll be more than happy to show you because she knows how good it will make her feel.

Tip #12: Find her G-spot.

Getting a girl to orgasm from a G-spot is a very intense experience for her. It’s an intense orgasm that can often be very explosive and gives her amazing feelings, so you need to locate and master a woman’s G-spot. Knowing how to please a woman with your fingers will endear you to her heart.

First of all, face your partner while she is lying in her back and insert your index or long middle finger into her vagina as far as it will go. Then crook it up towards yourself in a calm and easy motion, sliding your fingertip along the top of her vagina until you find an area that is rougher than the rest of the vagina wall.

Make sure you have your fingernails clipped short before you do this. Sharp fingernails will definitely spoil the effort. The ruffled, slightly rigid area is the G-spot and touching it will often cause women to react with surprise and pleasure.

Tip #13: Go south of the border.

Really learning how to go down on a woman and lick her is such a beneficial tool to have, especially during foreplay. You can really get down there and get her stimulated almost to the point of orgasm before you stop. Some women like to be brought to orgasm this way, and like to be licked and fucked with your tongue.

After she comes, she’ll want you to put your cock in and fuck the hell out of her. Or, after she comes, she might just want to simply return the favor and go down on you. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

Tip #14: Listen to her body.

Pay close attention to her breathing and the way her body moves. If you’re doing something that’s working, you’ll know by her body’s response, so keep doing what you’re doing. If it’s not working, change and experiment. Don’t be shy, ask her what you could be doing differently. This will keep the intensity going, but it’s really important that you learn to stay tuned to her body.

All these tips are different tools to add to your sexual toolbox. All of them may work, or just a few, but either way, experimenting is half the fun of sex to begin with, isn’t it? Any of these are guaranteed ways on how to please your woman and have her begging for more.