How to Prevent a Break-Up

How can you prevent breaking up with your girlfriend?

Relationships are tricky.

One day is going great, the next it’s on the rocks… know the feeling?

I want to give you a few tips and some advice on how you can go about how to prevent breaking up with your girlfriend.

Let’s face it; the idea of breaking up with a girlfriend can be very stressful.

You finally meet a girl you really like, it seems to be going well, its fun, and you’ve got a great connection, but then things start to go wrong.

Maybe you’re fighting or maybe you’re just scared that a break up could occur. You’ve got to make sure that you do everything to prevent breaking up… really everything.

What are you going to do though, so that you can make sure a break up doesn’t happen?

How to Prevent a Break-Up

Being happy yourself is the biggest thing you can do to prevent a break-up

I’m going to give you 2 main things to look at.

First of all preventing a break up is mostly about YOU.

Girls find it really hard to break up with confident, independent, and successful guys and so they stay the girlfriend.

There’s a lot of guys out there that are really bad boyfriends and husbands, but their girlfriends or wives just won’t leave them. That’s because they just have this aura about them and they think their luck is going well for them.

On the other hand there’s a lot of guys out there where they feel sorry for themselves and they don’t feel that strong and they’re good about themselves and its very easy for their women to leave them. Preventing breaking up has a big part to do with your attitude.

I know a guy now… his wife just left him.

And the main problem he had was that he was whipped. It’s pretty hard to prevent breaking up, when you don’t have much power and you aren’t respected.

She was wearing the pants and he was pretty much totally under the thumb.

You want to be able to stand on your own 2 feet, have lots going on in your life, and be confident and self-reliant.

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Number 2 is: you want to make sure that you give your girlfriend really good experiences.

So when you’re together, you have fun together.

You go traveling together, you do hobbies together and you just generally enjoy the time that you have when you’re with one another.

It’s very difficult to break up with you, if you’re not fighting.

I mean, it’s still possible, but a lot of boyfriends out there are pretty boring.

If you can be a little bit different, you can give her really good experiences, show her a good time, and really make sure that you provide more exciting emotions for her, then it’s very unlikely she’s going to leave.

Write a short plan for each of these tips.

The best things for preventing breaking up are really things that improve you and your quality of life. This is what will attract girls more, than anything else. Here is what you want:

(1)    A happier and more meaningful life.

(2)    Enough energy to get easily through your days.

(3)    More than enough money to pay bills on-time and still save for later.

(4)    To have wonderful fulfilling relationships with relatives, spouses, children and friends.

(5)    To believe that you are successful.

(6)    To live in a physical space that is pleasing and energizing.

(7)    To feel joy every day.

(8)    To work at something that feels good.

(9)    To not have regrets.

(10) To spend quality time with yourself; alone.

But if the worst case scenario pops up, you’ve still got options…

Let’s face it, sometimes relationships come to an end. You had an amazing time with her, thought she was beautiful, and you never wanted to let ger go. So what do you do? The answer is to rewind her feelings…

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