How to Satisfy Women in Bed — The Top Ten Ways

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How to Satisfy Women in Bed

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Most guys don’t spend enough time working on their sexual techniques.

Our culture doesn’t encourage guys to put the time, energy, and work it takes to learn to really satisfy women in bed. Sex is a taboo subject that you are just supposed to understand… right?

In fact, sex is like exercising or eating right. You can’t just eat a salad one day and expect to be healthy. You always have to be practicing, learning, and growing to experience the most from your sexual relationships and give your woman the pleasure she wants.

Here’s a list of sexual techniques to satisfy women in bed:

1. Create the right environment.

You need to have an environment that feels both safe and sexy at the same time. Tear down your Marilyn Manson posters, pick up your underwear off the floor… in fact, clean your place well. Grab a few candles and light them regularly (smell is very important to women).

2. Compliment her.

You need to be able to appreciate her sexual energy and let her know what it is that you like about her. Be as specific as you can about something that she wants you to notice. “I love how creative you are with your hair.”

3. Let her know how she is turning you on.

Go one step above complimenting her and link that back to the experience you’re having because of the way she is. You might compliment her on being really sexy and let her know you’re getting incredibly hard from what she’s doing to you. “The way you are kissing my neck makes me want you.”

4. Be comfortable expressing yourself sexually.

The more comfortable you are with sex, the more comfortable she’s going to be. If you’re a little bit nervous about exploring things sexually that’s going to impact her. Educate yourself to increase your comfort level. Read blogs (like this one), read books, and talk to your friends about sex. Get in the habit of talking about sex like it isn’t a big deal.

5. Create a sexual mood.

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Is there some music that you can play? Is there something you can do with the lighting? Could you buy an artistic photograph or painting? Are your sheets clean and soft? Are there some scented candles that you can put around the room that’s going to help create the environment?

6. Utilize touch to create sexual tension.

Massage her, stroke her hair, touch her as you walk past her, and keep touching her. Start subtly and progressively build your touch to being more sexual. Don’t go right for the obvious body parts, start on her extremities and work your way in. Contrast your touch by using a combination of light strokes and more dominant physical kneading.

7. Think of ways that you both can be a little bit kinky.

Does that involve a video? Does that involve tying each other up? Does it involve one person being more dominant than the other? Ask her about her fantasies and make it comfortable for her by sharing yours. Be as open about sex and make whatever her fantasies are comfortable for her to share.

8. Incorporate some dirty talk.

Dirty talk is as powerful a turn-on for women as pornography is for men. Women get really turned on by auditory stimuli, because it gets her freedom to fantasize. She can create an elaborate fantasy in her mind. Don’t be afraid to call your girlfriend a hot little slut. Don’t be afraid to call your girlfriend a sexy little minx. Throw words out and get an idea for what she responds to. When she responds to something, continue pushing a little bit further.

9. Incorporate role play in the bedroom.

Get a bit of a feeling for what her fantasies are and determine if there’s a way to actually play her fantasies out. Is she into being your sexy secretary? Does she want to be more dominating? Ask her questions in a relaxed way and see how you can play to her fantasies. You don’t want to necessarily do this every day, but if you’re doing it every now and then it’s going to be really powerful.

10. Be unpredictable.

If you normally have sex a particular way, try to switch it up. Most relationships get stale and boring quickly in the bedroom. It is all the guy’s fault too. Always be ready to switch things up. If you’re normally really quick or really aggressively, then slow it down, and see how slowly you can move inside her. Take your time and really draw out the pleasure. Or if you always make love in the missionary position, then try pulling her into a (safe) dark alley and having a quickie.

One extra tip is to learn about tantric yoga and tantric sex.

Tantra is the ability to be able to see someone for who they are and express who you are. It’s about building a connection with someone and when you really get involved with that your sex will take on a whole new level of meaning. Your woman will also be able to take on a whole new level of understanding in the way that she expresses herself to the world around her.

I watch a lot of guys get lazy sexually in their relationships and kill their relationships.

The key is to always move your sex life forward. You always want to be reading, learning, and trying out new things. Sex is one of the most pleasurable acts you can experience with your woman, but it requires your constant attention.

Have an additional thought or comment about satisfying women in bed? Share it in the box below! I’m interested to hear what you have to say!

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