How to Talk to a Girl on the Phone

Tips to make her laugh on the phone, and to make her wait eagerly for your every call:

Stop and pay attention because many guys wonder how to talk to girls on the phone.

Follow these tips to make sure it’s a smooth process…

This article is going to be about making that first phone call. Let’s make sure, it’s not awkward. The real key here is just to generally talk on the phone more. I know that sounds very simple and it is. Knowing exactly how to talk to girls on the phone is much easier than you might first think.

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How to talk to women on the phone

Talking on the phone is an important way to make her feel secure and comfortable with you

Do you hate talking on the phone?

If you hate talking on the phone, then talking to girls on the phone is going to be very difficult for you. However, if you talk on the phone regularly, especially if it’s part of your job, then it’s going to be quite easy. You’re going to be able to talk to girls on the phone with no problem.

By the way this is NOT how to talk to girls on the phone. I like a bit of humor with my dating advice.

You are a guy… that’s why you suck at the phone (right now).

One of the big disadvantages that you have is, when you’re growing up you were more likely to be playing on your bikes, watching a movie, playing computer games or doing something outside, while listening to music. However, girls spend a lot of time on the phone talking to their friends. If you’ve ever had a younger sister, you’ll notice the phone is used all the time. You need to learn how to talk to girls on the phone,  because you are not as experienced. It’s not that you won’t learn, it is pretty easy, once you practice some.

Talking on the phone is critical.

Talking on the phone is a critical skill, if you want to be good with girls. You can build a lot of comfort and security over the phone. If you don’t talk to girls on the phone, you’ve got a much greater chance of her flaking for dates. So… get in the habit of regularly talking to people on the phone. At first it doesn’t even need to be girls. It might be your male friends or it might be your family. When you can talk to everyone and anyone on the phone at length, then figuring out how to talk to girls on the phone becomes simple.

Get in the habit of spending more time talking on the phone, on a daily basis.

I have an unlimited phone plan and I also have a blue tooth that I use. So for me, talking on the phone actually comes very easily. The best way to go about learning how to talk to girls on the phone is simply through experience and doing it more often. And I quite like doing it now, but I never used to be like that. I actually grew up in the country and there weren’t mobile phones back then. In fact, there weren’t many opportunities to talk on the phone. If I rang a friend on the phone, it was literally for a minute or two, just to organize or catch up; we didn’t really have a conversation. I struggled talking to girls on the phone because I rarely ever would talk on the phone.

So it took me a while to adjust to chatting to girls on the phone, as part of a regular conversation. But it’s very important, especially if you’re meeting girls online, meeting girls from Facebook, or meeting girls through bars and short conversations –  you’ve got to know how to talk to girls on the phone because a phone conversation is a normal part of the process. Talking on the phone, especially a bit later at night is a very critical bridge; it’s just an essential step toward having her to trust you and having her feel comfortable talking to you. I highly recommend getting in the habit of giving girls a call. Texting is good up to a point, but phone calls are an essential piece of the puzzle to increase the likelihood of her ever catching up with you for a date. Master the process of how to talk to girls on the phone, and you’ll get more dates and sex than you’ve ever had before.

Who is your next phone call going to be to for practice? Comment in the box below!

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