How To Talk To A Girl Online

How can I talk to a girl I just met online?

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One of the challenges guys face online is how to actually communicate all the nonverbal stuff. How do you talk to a girl online, so she wants to meet up with you?

How can you combine emotion, being playful, and how to have all those little nuances in communication, so you can be a master of this type of new age communication.

When we talk to a girl in person, we can use our facial expressions, we can use various voice tones, we can use all sorts of expressions to be more powerful and charismatic in getting our point across. The problem with knowing how to talk to a girl online is knowing how to communicate all that stuff to her.

The women online are chatting, which can be quite challenging to actually convey the meaning that you want. But I’m going to let you know while that may seem to be a negative points, there are some real positives to online communication.

Do you have specific questions about talking to girls online? Ask at the bottom of the page in the comments and I’ll personally answer each one.

How To Talk To A Girl Online

Don't get stuck in the email friend zone... get on the phone fast.


You can make it a really good way to talk to a girl online.

Probably the thing that helps you the most when it comes to chatting to a girl online is that you can often be a lot more direct, then you can be in real life. The real secret for me in knowing how to talk to a girl online is knowing that I can take more risks with the conversation.

You can be a lot more upfront and straight to the point. You can tell girls stuff like: “I want to take you out this weekend.” Ask her, “what are you doing now? come over to my house.”

There’s just something about typed communication where you can be a lot more blunt, straight forward, to the point and upfront.

So I highly recommend taking advantage of that element of chatting to a girl online, which is that it allows you to be a lot more direct and to cut out the normal BS.

The other thing I recommend is to start to switch of other forms of online communication, like Skype or even to your cellular phone.

See if you can transition to actually talking to girls, because it is true that voice communication is very helpful. A lot of guys actually get stuck in the type of email friends only stage. They just become these goofy, chat buddies.

So you always want to make sure that the conversation and the interaction between the two of you is moving forward.

You want to avoid it staying at any particular stage for too long.

Because it’s very easy then to get stuck in the friends zone and get pigeonholed as some guy who she can just chat to online but she has never intention of meeting. So make sure you’re always progressing.

Ask yourself a question: what’s the next small step to us to being closer?

And then do it. Constantly keep asking yourself that question.

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