How To Talk To A Sagittarius Woman That Is Afraid of Commitment

So...she's the one masterminding an escape plan this time, eh?

Even the wildest woman can be tamed… if… you know that her shell is guarding her deepest fears. Here’s how to coax her out of her shell and make her fall in love with you:

How do you treat a woman who is very independent and who doesn’t want to commit to a single person… like a Sagittarius woman?

I know that a lot of guys can end up jealous or feel that it is kind of dangerous. How do you attract a woman who doesn’t want to be tied down at all? How can you be more independent yourself so that you don’t have any neediness?

You are asking the right questions.

The main benefit of having the ability to get any woman that you want is that you can eventually find the girl you really want. But in the meantime you get to go meet as many girls as you want. Unfortunately, not a lot of guys live up to their potential. A lot of guys develop their seduction and relationship skills with a single girl, so they end up being very single-minded. This can be a real problem because it reinforces a scarcity mentality and the belief that there are very few women in the world who would be attracted to them. So if there is one thing that I can tell guys who are new to this, and who want to enjoy abundance in their life, it is that they should practice their seduction skills with as many women as possible.

Never get too caught up with just the one woman.

The other thing that is very important is learning how to recognize which women are looking for commitment and which ones are a bit more relaxed. There are eight different personality types and any guy can learn about them. If you really want to know how to spot those types and be able to handle each one in the best way, then you should check out “Pandora’s Box” by Vin DiCarlo. This is one of the most revolutionary products on the market and it is my life’s work. I put everything into that sucker, so if you want the best information on the subject, click the link above.

I think that it is also very important that guys are clear about what they are looking for.

If you want a woman who isn’t looking for anything serious, like a Sagittarius woman (they are notorious for that), then there is a good chance that you aren’t looking for commitment either. On the other hand, if you do want to settle down with someone, then you should focus on finding women who are looking for the same thing. If you choose the wrong type of woman for you, then you could be wasting years with a woman that won’t lead you to happiness. The sooner you learn this stuff, the better. By using the “Pandora’s Box” program to learn how to recognize different types of women, you will be able to filter the women you meet so that you find the right woman for you more easily and more quickly.

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How can a guy get to know himself better? Can you recommend any starting tips for someone who feels kind of lost?

I recommend you take some time for yourself. Don’t get into a relationship right away. Go meet a lot of different girls, spend time by yourself, do the stuff that you really want to do, and try all the things that you haven’t done yet in your life. Go traveling to Europe, join a gym and go regularly, learn martial arts, start meditating, and go on a retreat. Make a real effort to make yourself happy.

Guys who feel lost have usually just gotten out of a relationship or they have never been with a girl in the first place. If you can focus on meeting lots of women and going on lots of dates, you will learn so much about the kind of women that you want the most. Many guys get too caught up with how to approach women properly, but that is just one part of the seduction and dating process. They might spend years reading stuff or thinking about how they will talk to her, instead of just going up and talking to the beautiful women that they see.

This is a trap that I used to fall into as well.

Approaching women is just one part of a much bigger picture: having more women in your life and enjoying more sex. When you start meeting women, you will realize that this is just one phase in the process of meeting amazing women. Then guys need to focus on converting numbers by meeting more women and going on more dates. This will give them more experience, more clarity about what they want, and more opportunities to get it.

This might seem overwhelming, but trust me as soon as you start taking action to talk to women you love (like those hot Sagittarius women) then you will feel a shift in your head. You will see that you can do this. You will feel like you can do this too. I’ve seen guys who were convinced they would end up alone and a virgin, turn into a powerful pick-up artist who could have any girl he wants.

You can do it too… I promise.

What strategies will you being taking away from this article to become more independent? Share a comment in the box below!


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