How to Talk to Girls on Facebook

You can use FB for many things…

Finding friends–

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Learning how to talk to girls on Facebook opens the door to a LOT more than just casual chatting. Find out why (and how to leverage your new found powers) in this article:

I want to give you some clear ideas on how to talk to girls on Facebook: how to get the conversation going, what to say and how to leave a really good impression. All the important stuff.

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How to talk to girls on Facebook

Time to start poking, liking, and chatting... ready?


Facebook is a really great way to meet girls.

If you can figure out how to talk to girls on Facebook, then you’ll open yourself up to far more dating opportunities than you could imagine.

There’s just such a large volume of people online, and these days people spend a lot of time on Facebook. Master how to talk to girls on Facebook and you’ll never have a boring weekend again. People really like to spend a lot of time messaging people, being a part of groups, checking in on gossip, and girls in particular love Facebook. They love putting up photos and they love checking in with their friends, and a lot of girls are very open to the idea of meeting a guy on Facebook.

They may not say it; they might not admit it, and they may even at times be resistant to it, but ultimately it’s in the backs of their minds and it’s something that is considered a good possibility. If you can learn how to talk to girls on Facebook then you’ll get so much more experience with women than you c0uld imagine. What I want to do is show you how to approach girls on facebook and  give you the best chance of getting a good response.

Personally the thing I like to do is join groups in which I have an interest.

So you want to be in a group of a particular hobby, or a particular interest. I want to not only join the group, but I want to see if I can take on a leadership role. I want to see if maybe I can organize a mastermind meeting or perhaps some kind of sharing of information; I want to put up some book reviews. Knowing how to talk to girls on Facebook is easy for me now because I know how to lead. But I generally like to offer value. I like to put myself in the public eye in a positive way, by giving and helping others.

Girls tend to be attracted by guys who are leaders.

Being a leader and a person in a position of authority really is the best technique for how to talk to girls on Facebook you could imagine. So if at all possible, I look to become an administrator of the group, so I become someone who’s able to manage and organize and lead the group as much as possible, and I always make sure I put up a post once a week – at least – so that people know who I am. There is no better way to crack the code of how to talk to girls on Facebook than being a visible leader of a group.

So when I message a girl or I talk to her, it’s not a cold meeting. It’s somewhat warm, she may have already checked out my photos, she’s read a few of the things I’ve written and there’s probably a bit of underlying attraction already there. So for me it feels pretty natural to transition towards chatting to her, getting to know her and maybe getting onto Facebook chat and just getting to know a little bit more about what makes her tick. So for me it’s about joining groups and taking a leadership position in these groups as much as possible, and especially becoming an organizer.

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