How to Talk to Women, When You Don’t Know What to Say

At a loss for words when you talk to women?

Stop worrying and pay attention because following the simple tips revealed in this article are guaranteed to help you overcome your fear and get her attention–without begging!

I’m going to teach you how to talk to women so they listen to you, like you, and want to give you their phone numbers. How to talk to women, when you don’t know what to say. Let’s face it, you get sweaty palms, your mind goes blank, and… while you’re searching for the right thing to say… you lose her interest. There’s an awkward silence. Or you lose her attention to some other guy.

How to Talk to Women

Open her up in any situation

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So how do you talk to women?

Well, since she’s so pretty, it’s damn near impossible to “make up” something to say on the spot. You’ll just end up embarrassing yourself. (I’ve been there hundreds of times, myself.)

The secret to making women listen to you, like you, and go on dates with you is simple: You need to “prepare” something to say beforehand. Not a pickup line – those are cheesy. You want a gameplan, a map of what you’re gonna say. Memorizing is not the secret to knowing how to talk to women, but having some sort of gameplan is.

Then, when you meet a woman you like, you just “play out” your successful gameplan. At the end of this article, I’ll give you one of my very best gameplans. But first, I’m going to show you how to tailor this gameplan to match the one woman you like BEST, I’ll show you how to do it in this very article. Never wonder how to talk to women again.

Let’s just think of some of the benefits of knowing how to talk to women. I mean, think of the fun experiences, the lack of loneliness, and how knowing how to talk to women will transform how you feel about yourself. Figuring out how to talk to women will shape your destiny; it’s that important. You can match your gameplan to one specific woman because of one strange “fact” about women. One fact you KNOW is true: All women are not the same.

Every woman has her own “quirks.” Her own personality. Her own wants, needs and desires, especially about the types of men she likes. Figure out these little differences, and never wonder how to talk to women again. And, since all women come in different types, they respond to different types of conversation. (Different “gameplans” you’ll use, when you try to talk to her.)

Here are 3 ways to talk to women:

1. Use humor and make her laugh. 

Some women love a funny man. There’s no way around it – some women, you simply need to laugh your way into her pants.

And once you do, her heart is yours.

You can pick these women out of a crowd by the way they carry themselves – no lie. You’ll want to look for the types of clothes she wears, as well as the hobbies she’s into. (Here’s a hint: Go for the women who are “artist” types. They tend to love quirky, funny guys)

WARNING: Making some women laugh makes you come across as “just a friend.” Especially with strong sexualities. I’ll tell you how to talk to women get them in just a second.

2. Use your Bad Boy Charm

Some women need to feel like you’re a tough guy or an alpha male. These women respond with lots of sexual lovin’, and they’re some of the most fun women, in bed. You want to CHALLENGE her, verbally. (This means don’t “take no shit” and stand your ground when she teases you.) Women who love this bad boy charm tend to have tattoos, be adventurous or take risks with their health. (They’re usually the women who love one-night stands.)

WARNING: This scares away “good girls” and “relationship-type” women. You can either use humor to get them, or…

3. Tease the living crap out of her. 

This is a mixture of the two above strategies. However, it won’t work on EITHER of those women. Teasing is when you poke fun at a woman, but do it in a loving, warm, caring way. For example: “You’re such a klutz!” (and then giving her a hug) is a great way to tease a woman who stumbled or dropped something. Your goal here is to come across like Prince Charming, and romantic-type women will love every second you two spend talking.

The take-away from this article is very simple: 

You need to find out which type of woman she is, and then talk to her the way she likes being talked to.

For example: Think back to a time when you were dating a woman, and then… as if out of the blue, you lost her. She stopped calling. Or you two broke up. Looking back on your situation with the different ways you can talk to women in mind… can’t you see the times where you simply talked to her in a way that didn’t match up with her type? If you can, I’ve got a great resource for you: It’s a way you can either get back in this woman’s good graces or meet new women without the same stress and rejection.

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