How To Talk Your Girlfriend Into Being More Sexually Open

How can a guy approach his girlfriend and talk her into being more sexually open?

I’m going to tell you a couple of different things to keep in mind with this.

One thing to keep in mind is the realization that it’s about you building comfort with her. This might require you to focus more on her pleasure. A lot of women are quite sexual, but their society doesn’t necessarily make it easy for them to express that sexuality because they can be judged for it.

Your primary aim is to show her that you won’t judge her for being honest, open, and freely expressing her desires.

If you have questions about talking to your girlfriend about sex, please ask in the comments at the bottom of the page. I answer each one personally.

How to talk to your girlfriend about sex

Making her as comfortable as possible is your goal

In the case of a lot of guys, I don’t think they fully understand how far or how deep a woman’s sexuality can run.

For a good indication of this, I highly recommend that guys check out a book by Nancy Friday called “My Secret Garden”. It’s a book written in the fifties that showcases a lot of different sexual fantasies collated from letters sent in by many women. It really opens up your eyes to what kinds of things could run through a woman’s mind.

The really great thing about having that sort of book laying around is that it is potentially an excellent trampoline to introduce to her the idea of being more sexually open to you as your girlfriend. You can tell her how you’ve been reading this book, and you found it really interesting and exciting hearing about womens’ fantasies. Then ask her what her fantasies are too.

Another issue to keep in mind is that for women who are a bit more shy or reserved about sex, they feel a lot of times that sex is an obligation they have for the man.

So you will have to make sex something that she enjoys too. A good place to start is by making it about her feeling good. Maybe when you get in the bedroom, just touch her a lot and kiss her a lot, and just subtly and gently let her feel more comfortable and more relaxed with you. Focus on more foreplay to really turn her on.

You can also try going down on her. Tell her how much she turns you on, and how much it pleases you to go down on her. By going down on her, relaxing her, and making it about her, she can start to really enjoy the sex more, and not feel like she has to do it for you, or because if she doesn’t do it, that it might not make you happy. That way when you are actually having sex, she’s enjoying it, you’re enjoying it, and it’s really just something you’re both sharing together.

When you’re coming from that perspective, getting her to open up or getting her to start to share sexual fantasies with you will be so much easier.

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