How To Touch A Woman To Turn Her On

Touch is the most important way to turn her on.

Tired of seeing that bored look in her eyes, getting that rejecting “I’m too tired”, or just a laugh?

It’s not because she doesn’t love your mind or your heart… it’s because you lack something in the bedroom arena. So why not take ten minutes to triple your orgasmic results by learning where to touch a woman to turn her on? Women (and your c&*% ) will thank you! Reading this article is step one. Step two is taking action by learning what we can’t possibly reveal here (because the directions are too explicit and Google would ban us), so make sure to click the FREE link at the end to get her begging for more tonight. Before we focus on where we should be touching women… it’s actually more beneficial if we have some awareness of how we should be touching a woman.

There are a few principles that are really critical for helping us move things into a sexual direction.

How To Touch A Woman

Vary your touch from as light as silk to as deep Swedish-like massage

Be as light as silk…

The first key component is being able to contrast light, incidental touches with more overt, sexually direct touches. I used to feel that for me to help build sexual tension I would be far better off being more dominant and really direct with my physical touch. But I found with experience that the key to build sexual tension is light, subtle touches, where the girl is thinking to herself, “Did he mean that?” I want her to wonder whether I’m touching her on purpose or whether I’m just being friendly, this builds up her level of excitement.

Subtle touches are important.

Also, I just use the back of my hand, maybe as I’m gently gesturing while I’m talking, just to make light contact with her arm, or breast, or even her stomach. I’m just being a guy who is gesturing to make my point. Usually I touch her, when I’m playfully teasing her about something or telling her a story.

Every time I think about how to touch a girl I’m reminded of a quote from the movie Don Juan De Marco which says,

“One night I watched Donna Querida at the window in her slip, and I noticed for the first time that a woman’s under clothing barely touches her skin, how it rides on a cushion of air as she moves, how the silk floats about her body, brushing her flesh like an angel’s wings, and I understood how a woman must be touched.”

This quote sums up everything we’re trying to achieve when we try to make those incidental touches. Your touch should be like the silk that gently floats over her skin.

Touch her in levels…

The second thing to focus on, when learning to touch a woman to turn her on, is understanding which places on her body are really going to sexually excite her. Ultimately, you want to progress your touch towards her breasts, ass, and her pussy. This will build the sexual tension and momentum that is going to make her want to have sex with you. But the key word in that phrase is to progress.

Focus on this: Move through the platonic level, to a personal level, then finally to a sexual level.

A. Platonic Level

A platonic level is a really safe level of touch. You are breaking the touch barrier and getting her comfortable with the fact that you are going to be touching her. Maybe you shake a girl’s hand, or maybe you touch her on the back of the elbow, or maybe you lightly rest your hand on the upper part of her back. You would touch your grandma, your mom, or your sister in these places. If she doesn’t freak out and seems comfortable with you, then you progress to the next level.

B. Personal Level

Move your touches towards her stomach, sides, and her legs. I usually try to poke her in her rib cage playfully, when I tease her about something or I will pat her with the back of my hand on her thigh and say something like, “Let’s get out of here…”  Maybe if we are then when we’re looking at moving interaction to a more sexual direction, then I’ll touch her neck and say something like, “Wow… your neck looks so soft” or I might put my hand in her hair and say “Wow your hair feels so soft. I’ve been wanting to put my fist in it all night.” This is the doorway before the sexual level. If you are touching her hair or her neck and she is still smiling, laughing, and having a great time with you, then she is giving you an invitation to take it a step further.

C. Sexual Level

Now you will be kissing her and touching her chest, inner thighs, and butt. If she is comfortable with your touching her hair, then you can kiss her. Just lean in, smile, and kiss her. Then as you are kissing you can start touching her more sexually. Move your hands from her shoulders, massaging and touching her and move towards her breasts. Maybe you have a hand on her thigh and you can start massaging her thigh as you slowly move to the inner part of her thigh. Massaging her is a great way to turn her on with your touch. You can do it as you kiss or not. Take your time and enjoy touching her body as you slightly move closer and closer to her intimate regions.

Remember: the concept of contrasting your touches is really important here.

Make sure you don’t always touch one part of her body with the same pressure. Vary your touches from deep massages to slight tickling sensations.

Other examples of how to touch her to turn her on…

Some of the areas that are great to touch are those places that are less exposed. The inner part of her arm or the inner part of her leg are really good examples of places that if we touch lightly, that would just send a bolt of electricity up the girl’s body.

Her neck is a really powerful place.  Kissing is a form of touch too. Kissing up the side of her neck would really turn her on. The back of a girl’s head is an erogenous zone. If you can run your hands through her hair and gently squeeze your hands together to create a pull on her hair, this is a huge turn on for women.

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Gently kiss her ears or gently nibble on her ears. For a lot of women that’s a huge sexual turn on. It allows us to really be able to breathe nice and deeply into her ear which creates a powerful trigger for her to come back to. The other area is to gently stroke her forehead and even along her eyebrows.

They’ve got to be really soft touches, almost like a butterfly landing on her forehead or landing on her eyebrows. These are some really good tips on how to touch a woman and how to progress through those three levels that we spoke about.

Do you have questions about how to touch a woman to turn her on? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

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