How To Turn A Cancer Woman On

What turns a Cancer woman on so you will be all over you?

A lot of guys want to have an electric connection with a Cancer woman, so they can make her hot for them.

Here are some steps for you to ABC — Always Be Closing — in this case, with a Cancer woman.

She's looking for stability -- the ultimate family man. (As seen here)

Get into the habit of approaching women at all opportunities.

You want to start by approaching all women, everywhere. This will help you get over that FEAR at first. You will get better at talking to women and more comfortable with yourself. You will also have more fun talking with women… and not be so nervous.

Be stable…

Cancer women are homebodies and will be attracted to a man they think of as being more of a stable kind of guy. They want a potential family partner. What ways can you treat her to give her the idea that you are a potential family man? Well… nothing can bother you. You have to be a really secure guy. If she cancels on you, then it is no sweat. You never get upset about anything… just let things slide off of your back.

Learn to touch her…

You also want to escalate physical contact with her. Become more of a touchy person. You want to just touch her in a natural and non-creepy way. Start simple and comfortably up on her outer arm or shoulder. Maybe shake her hand at first. But continue to touch her and continue to progress to more private areas… slowly. If she begins to withdraw or flinch, you will know you have gone too far. Then you can scale back and keep trying to make her feel comfortable.  This is the best way to learn how to flirt with a cancer woman and women in general. You will start to develop your intuition about what feels right between you, you will have a better idea about how she wants to be touched and how she expects you to behave towards her.

Start now and you will start to FEEL it…

There is no systematic process for touching. This is a very organic process that grows up between two people. A woman will give you the feedback from her own body. Experience will reinforce your knowledge, so that you soon get a handle on what to do.  Becoming more touchy feely with everybody is a start to loosen you up. If you are always stiff with people, generally, it is harder to get to being soft and stroking with a woman. Get used to touching people and doing it in a way that reflects how you want to touch them.

What are some signs that a woman is liking or disliking how touchy feely you are being with her?

Some signs would be whether she is reacting to it in the sense that she will touch you back or she might back off. A lot of guys will see this as a sign to not to keep going. This does not necessarily mean that she is not attracted to you. It could be that friends are around or that she is just not ready right then.

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The point of this is to really get an understanding of where the woman is at and to enjoy that process, don’t look at it as a means to an end. Look at is as something that is enhancing the overall relationship that you are building with this person, and enjoy being touched and touching her. I think a lot of guys want to touch a woman but do not like the idea of touching in itself, because they are not completely comfortable with being touched.

What are your thoughts on touching? Is it something that you are comfortable with or struggling doing? Please comment in the box below; I take the time to read all of them!

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