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How To Turn A Gemini Woman On

What really turns on a Gemini woman?

One of the biggest Gemini turn-ons is is attention.

People think that a lot of women go out to pick-up venues and bars to get attention in order to feel better about themselves, but what is the real truth about the sort of attention this type of woman craves. What kind of guys do they hope will give it to them?

Learn to understand attention.

The first important word and concept is attention. But attention is not enough for a Gemini woman… it is appreciation that she craves. She wants to be recognized for the fact that she is a woman. She wants to feel desired by you. So for you, you want to give her that gift and it is really empowering when you can.

Show her you'll be attentive -- especially in the bedroom.

Be genuine.

Instead of looking at this situation in terms of, “What do I say so I can have sex with her.” Give her something genuine without wanting something back from her and she is going to feel so much more appreciated. This is a key difference… that will probably make her want to sleep with you. Think about it from her point of view: guys are always coming up to her and wanting something from her, or there is another guy who appreciates her for her own self. If you treat her in a special way that accentuates your desire for who she is, it is she is another woman from who she usually feels like. She will feel very valued. She will want to be pleasing in your eyes.

How does a guybe a giver rather than someone who is looking only to receive?

For one thing, it seems that a lot of guys do not realize that they have resentment towards women being different, or because they are unable to understand them, and the truth is that their nature is different from a man’s, which is what makes us so perfect for each other. A man’s nature is different, and if we want to hang out with men we should hang out with lots of other men if we want that manly nature around us. If women started to act like men we would not be very attracted to them, most likely. The best way that you can be desirable from a woman’s perspective is to start to appreciate what it means to be a man and what is means for you to be you.

Need some more ideas about how to make her feel special? Ask a question and I’ll respond to it personally!

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