How To Turn On A Capricorn Woman

A lot of guys are out for the easy turn-ons, whether they are interested in Capricorns or other women.

Does the easy turn-on exist? And if so, what does it actually entail?

Be comfortable with your sexuality to unleash her inner sex goddess.

It’s not about the Capricorn woman…

It is about your attitude towards all women. A lot of women like the idea of being easily turned on. But many guys don’t understand that women are sexual creatures. Most guys just don’t see it… do you?

Do you own your sexuality?

Are you empowered as a man to be a sexual being? A lot of men will look at a woman with a lot of desire, and then that woman will throw them a look to chill them. The guy crawls back into his shell and regrets or feels guilty for looking at a woman in that way. What she’s doing is testing him, because she wants to see how empowered he is and how much of a man he is. Is he a creature who desires women? The easy turn on to use with women is how comfortable you are with your desire and sexuality. The truth of the matter is that what turns on a woman is a man standing in his truth of being a virile man. A woman wants a man who isn’t thrown off by his own sexual energy, because he is in control of it. He can hold true to that strong state, and he plays with it in the way that he makes eye contact with a woman. The way he smiles and takes his time with this power position because he’s not rushing to force things to happen — he knows he is on control and that at any moment something will happen — ensures that it will happen.

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A lot of people are judgmental when it comes to sex. Do you think that it’s important to be open about it and not afraid of sexuality, in order to make a woman more comfortable?

Absolutely, because there are a lot of things holding women back from being more sexual. Society tells them they are going to be called sluts if they are sexual, so they have to hide it. A woman wants to know that a man is solid in who he is, so they will test the man, they will test the man’s results on many levels before they will trust him with their sexuality. Little things like throwing a bad glance at you, if that throws you off, to her it means, “Well I’ve only shown such a small bit of my power as a woman, and he can’t even handle that — how is he going to handle me when I climax, how is he going to handle me in the bedroom if he can’t even handle me when I give him a little taste of what I can be like?”

What do you find challenging about being comfortable with your sexually? Is anything hindering you? Please share in the box below; I read and respond to each comment personally.

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