How To Turn On a Pisces Woman in Two Easy Steps

A lot of people are confused by Pisces women.

I am a Pisces myself, and I have to agree with the idea that “Pisces are not grounded”.

I am more spiritual and metaphysical.

Can you get a Pisces woman and how do you go beyond her mind and get physical?

You need to know that: Pisces women are true chameleons. They’re constantly changing, and their personalities evolve depending on who they’ve been around because they’re such intuitive creatures. Pisces women have this ability to reflect and adopt a lot of your own mindsets; and you can really utilize this.

Being a chameleon, if you show her your sexual side, she's show you hers.

Go there yourself, so you can take her there.

First of all, if you get into a sexual state and become very flirty and playful, you’ll find that Pisces women will naturally mirror this state of being. The way that guys can really get into this sexual state is by essentially concentrating on remembering experiences that they had that were a massive turn on for them. You could watch porn movies, but not masturbate much. Get yourself into such a strong sexual state, but also link it with breathing and relaxing. Learn to control yourself in that sexual state. If you can do that around a Pisces woman, she’ll respond well.

Shape her.

The other thing that is a powerful tactic when dealing with Pisces women is the principle of shaping.Her personality is constantly changing and constantly moving, so let her know what you like. Shaping is essentially making her aware of a personal quality that she has that resonates with you and that you really appreciate. When she recognizes that it’s valuable to you she’ll begin to act in alignment with that quality. You’ll be shaping her, because she wants more validation in her life.

What traits do you want her to have?

You may commend her as being someone who makes decisions and is independent. Or someone who goes after what they want without letting anything stand in their way. You could mention how they’re sexually confident and comfortable enough to express themselves when they are interested in someone. Just bringing her attention to and highlighting these features or aspects of her personality will shape her to focus more on them.

I think these are two really good techniques and focuses to have when dealing with Pisces women. Moreover, what you’ll find is that after having some success using those techniques with Pisces women; you’ll begin to recognize that there’s a part of every woman that also has that ability to be led and to be shaped.

Have you experienced anything similar with women? Share a story or comment in the box below!

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