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How To Turn On a Virgo Woman: Ways That She Doesn’t Even Know

What’s the truth about Virgo women in your experience, and how do you speak to and interact with them in order to attract them?

How to turn on Virgo women

Virgo women are tough to categorize... but can be a lot of fun

If you have other questions about Virgo women, please ask in the comments. I answer each one personally.

I think that the truth about Virgo women is they are many things to many people.

That’s because Virgo women are renowned for reflecting the energy that’s brought to them. This is also true of most women, to a degree. I think the problem with men dealing with especially Virgo women, is that they think, “What would she like me to be? What sort of guy do I think she would be into and, therefore, how can I be that guy, to display those characteristics and win her over?”

It’s often backwards thinking.

What guys should be doing is thinking, “What guy do I want to be?

What are going to be the characteristics that I want to represent me?” They will find if they have enough convictions with their approach to this, are passionate enough about their goals and what they do with their life, then they will naturally draw women towards them. Women will also adopt the mindsets, beliefs, and behaviors of a dominant male.

I’ll give you an example. My girlfriend, when I first met her, was completely anti-sports. Didn’t like sports at all; she was a very artsy and creative person. She’s also a very spiritual person, but because I’m so passionate about sports, it started to rub off on her. She’s now found that she is into them and can connect with the high energy, aggressive nature of sports.

I look back through the interests that she’s had throughout her life, and they often reflect and represent whatever guy who was part of her life at that time. At one stage she was heavily into drinking, which was a consequence of that being a passion of one of the guys she was dating. Another stage, she was heavily into DJing which was a consequence of being with the guy whom she was dating at that particular time.

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Particularly, when we deal with Virgo women it’s important to know how women can change.

In order for a guy to work out what he’s passionate about, I try to get him to focus on three things that he’s passionate about on a bigger scale. What are the three things that resonate with him? Is it travel? Is it personal development? Is it music, sports, charity work? Whatever the three things are that have been ongoing for him over an extended period of time, that he can see being important on into the future.

The other thing that he constantly needs to be aware of is, “What are my three immediate passions?  What are the things I have been doing in the last week or two weeks, or what I have planned for the next week or two weeks ahead, that I’m excited about doing?”

When a guy has six independent things that he’s passionate about, you’ll never be short of conversation. He’ll be more connected with the emotion and energy of what it is that he’s excited about, and he’ll naturally draw women towards him. Don’t be surprised to find that a large number of those women are Virgo women.

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