What Turns a Young Woman on is Confidence

She’s still finding her way and needs a solid rock to lean on and confidence is the only thing that will give her this feeling about you

Turns A Young Woman On Is Confidence

How to Attract Younger Women

The age of the woman you decide to date depends partly on your age, and partly on what you both want. In addition, if you are trying to find out how to turn on a woman, you will find that your confidence is what will usually attract a younger woman.

The Difference Between Young and More Mature Women

Generally younger women have a shorter attention span than those who are a bit older, and more mature. They get distracted more quickly and lose concentration a lot faster than most older, more mature women.

If a girl you plan to date is about a year younger than you, perhaps just entering college, it is important that you have a confident demeanor and know who you are and what you want, because younger girls generally want to be led. Immature, younger girls don’t normally consider the option of thinking for themselves. It’s easier for young girls to be with a guy who makes decisions for them and plays more of a dominant role.

How to Turn on a Woman who is Younger than You

Conversation plays a big role when it comes to attracting young women.

When the two of you talk, choose the topics you’re going to talk about carefully. Topics could be about your past adventures or what’s going to be happening during the coming week. Be tolerant when she chooses to talk (and listen to her), but don’t wait for her to initiate things. Generally a younger girl will enjoy the conversation of an older man she is attracted to, irrespective of the topics he focuses on.

Guys are always asking me what turns a woman on during conversation, and I usually encourage them to let women talk about themselves.

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But with young girls, you have to be careful, because they are quite capable of talking nonsense about themselves that might be difficult for you to listen to. Whilst this might play a role in your tactics of attracting young women, it is not ideal and can be counter-productive. The problem is that you are likely to get caught up in a little world  that is hers, and you will both lose the thread of the topic of conversation you would prefer to be discussing.

At the same time, remember that a good conversation involves somebody who knows how to shut up and listen to the other person, even if they are only talking about themselves. That goes for both of you.

How to Use your Confidence to Turn on a Woman

While you are experimenting with how to turn on a woman who is younger than you, try giving her a taste of your own experience. Most young girls are at the point where they are just getting out to explore the world, and they haven’t experienced much yet.

Think of things for the two of you to do together. These may be anything from a physical activity, to visiting an exhibition or art show, or going to a concert, maybe to the opera. Try to focus on something different so that you can introduce her to something she has never experienced before.

The Power of Touch

I cannot overestimate the power of touch when it comes to sussing how to turn on a woman. 

So touch your young girlfriend a lot more.

For instance, couples can’t hear each other very well at parties where there is loud music. To make sure she moves around with you, you will need to touch her so that you can lead her where you want to go. You can say, “Come with me,” and just walk off, but if she’s concentrating on something or someone else, it’s very unlikely she will, unless you also lightly grip her elbow and lead her away with you. But if you put your arm around her and walk off it’s much more likely that she will go with you.

Remember to Act with Confidence

Actions like touching her back lightly, giving her hugs, dancing close to her, will all help to turn her on, and make your relationship a bit more sexy. Your confidence is ultimately the answer to how to turn a girl on.

I’ve mentioned how important conversation is, but body language and eye contact are also essential – and they qualify as two of the best ways to turn a woman on.

Once your relationship starts to gel you will find that your non-verbal communication will improve immensely, and it will almost be like using sign language to get your meaning across to one another. That’s usually what you need at a noisy party; but even when you are alone, non-verbal communication really makes a difference.

Ultimately, be sure to act as if you know what you’re doing (even if you’re not quite sure).

The amazing thing is how easily a young girl will believe and trust an older man. But you will need to be sure to exude a strong sense of who you are. Have the confidence to do this.

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