How To Attract Aquarius Woman

Knowing what turns on an Aquarius woman can be a difficult challenge.

You can get any woman you want though… with the right mindset and willingness to take action.

Aquarius women show less emotion and may seem cold or hard to read. How can you shake them up, tell when they are turned on, or know when they are enjoying something that you are attempting? Well… read on and let me take you through the process of attracting an Aquarius woman.

Guess what I want... and you better be right.

You need to understand Aquarius women.

The reality is that she has a hard time focusing on one thing. Aquarius women love freedom and she delights in experiencing different aspects of life. You might be overwhelming her if you force her into focusing on just you. You can attract Aquarius women, but you need to think about harness her natural desire for freedom and experience.

You need to change you focus.

If she’s not attracted to you, then she needs you to not focus on trying to get something from her. If you share her desire for freedom and experience without seeking to take something from her, then she is going to be more attracted to you. Provide her an environment where she feels more comfortable to open up to you. Remember that she’s not always going to be behaving that way too. It’s stupid to think that women are just one way, because men aren’t only one way. Sometimes we are in a shitty mood, but that doesn’t mean we are always shitty.

Aquarius women are complex… just like you.

Sometimes we are happy or sad. We have an array of emotions, and so does she. She wants to know that it’s okay for her to feel a certain way and that you can still connect with her. The other side of it is simply not getting caught up in thinking to yourself that she’s not showing any interest in you, so you have to work harder for this. That would be a sign of you not respecting yourself. The reality is, if she’s really making it difficult for you or she’s just playing games, she might not be worth your time, and appreciating that in yourself is going to make this whole journey a lot easier.

What do you have to offer her?

The focus here shouldn’t be, “What does a woman want?” It should be more like, “What do I have to offer this particular woman? How can I make her feel good — and do I want to make her feel good?” There should never be pressure to do something to get a result from a woman, because that doesn’t feel good to either party. It comes back to appreciation, because appreciation isn’t really about needing something from a woman, it means you want something but you don’t need it.

You might compliment a woman and she just says, “Thanks,” and brushes you off, but you don’t care, because you are in your power place. You don’t need anything from that woman, so you still feel good. It is important to get to a place where it isn’t all important to know what works on women.

What strategies have you tried when trying to talk to women that are hard to read? What has worked or not worked for you? Leave a comment in the box below!

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