How To Turn Women On: DiCarlo’s Top 10 List

How To Turn Women On: DiCarlo’s Top 10 List

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Are you in need of ideas on how to turn women on? Do you want the ability to get a woman into a sexual state of desire quickly and easily? Well then, have you come to the right place!

What are the ways to turn women on? Following are 10 tips that you can implement into your game and up the ante for sexual pleasure any time of the day or night. Here are 10 things that turn women on that will trigger her sexual desire instantly. One, two, or all of these are guaranteed to arouse any woman and have her begging for you, instead of you begging them.

Tip #1: Send her a dirty text.

During the day when you are at work, surprise her with a dirty text. Something that really communicates what you want to do or how she might be playing in your mind at the moment.

For example, “Hey baby, I can’t get your naked body out of my head,” or, “Hey babe, you’re into some serious trouble tonight. When I get home, I’m going to give you all you can handle. Can you handle that?” Just be fun and flirty. This will get wild thoughts running through her head before she even gets home. The anticipation will drive her crazy.

Tip #2: Watch female-friendly porn.

There are porn sites that are specifically targeted to females because they are based on romance. They show more emotional sex, which females are really into. Females relate on an emotional level, so you need to be able to target the emotional level that controls them. Being able to get their emotional state revved up before you have sex will get you both in the mood for passionate, wild, and crazy sex.

Tip #3: Tell her how she makes you feel.

Women love to feel like they can captivate a man and almost have power over him. Convey to her what she’s doing to you. Say something like, “Your making me so hard baby, I can’t stand it any longer.” Tell her, “Your making me weak at the knees and I can no longer stand up, so let’s go hit the bed.”

You get the idea. Communicate to her what she’s doing to you and she’ll love the feeling of having that kind of power over you. Having that kind of power over a man is what a woman likes. It will charge her battery and keep her going and going.

Tip #4: Find her weak spot.

Every woman has a particular spot on her body that just drives her crazy. It might be the nape of the neck, or her thighs, or even be her fingers or feet. Find her button and you’ll have the one spot that gets her instantly in the mood for sex.

Tip #5: Go salsa dancing together.

There is something really romantic and sexual about dancing, especially salsa dancing. One idea is to discover Zumba dancing. It’s very popular, and there are now Zumba dance classes in almost every city.

Dancing gives you the opportunity to be in tune with one another and touch. Embracing the music together is very sensual. Women equate the two; men who can dance are also good in the bedroom. If you can move on the dance floor, imagine what she’s thinking about your moves in the bedroom?

Tip #6: Treat her to a full body massage.

If you don’t know much about massage, take a course or research it on the internet. Learn how to do it effectively. Not only is this a great way to make her feel spoiled, it will also relax her and put her in a sexual state of desire.

Start at her shoulders, then move to her neck and slowly down to her feet. After giving her a nice massage, then you can focus more towards her sexual areas, like her breast, butt, and her pussy. Make sure it is a very slow, sensual buildup to get to this point. If you can master the art of touch, you’ll have the ability to master any woman. Touch moves women.

 Tip #7: Romance her.

Romantic gestures are guaranteed to win a woman’s heart. Take her out to a candle light dinner, go on a picnic in a nice scenic area. Letting her see your more romantic side will be a huge turn on. Women are turned on by senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight. Incorporate these into your game and you’ll have her eating out of your hands. For women, romance is THE way to lead her right where you want her, into your arms and into your bed.

Tip #8: Go to a strip club together.

Women are a bit more sexually ambitious then guys even realize, to the point that going to the strip club and watching other women seductively dance will trigger a sexual spark within her and get her really hot. If she’s not into this, then don’t take her. You do need to learn to be able to talk about sex comfortably, because once you do, you may learn things about her that you had no idea she liked. And who does that benefit? YOU!

Tip #9: Play sexual games together.

Play strip poker. All you need for this is a deck of cards. Take her to a local sex shop and look over what they have to offer. There are all kinds of card and board games that you can discover together. And these are nothing like the board games that we played as kids. Games are great ways to slowly turn up the heat. Finding ways to work up to sex will get you the best sex you’ve ever had.

Tip #10: Watch yourself having sex.

Video tape yourselves having sex and watch it together the next day. Just the mere fact of seeing yourselves in a romantic sexual embrace will be enough to  get you hot and horny to do it all over again. It’s like watching porn, only way better. Women often get turned on by the simple fact that they are being videotaped while having sex, so you get two for the price of one. She’s turned on being videotaped, and she’ll get turned on the next day re-watching the action.

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