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How To Use A Woman’s Secret Thoughts To Talk Her Into Bed

Would you tell a woman your secret thoughts?

Of course not!

They’re much too personal, too private – too secret! With these thoughts, a woman could devastate you with nothing more than a look.

Womans secret sexual thoughts

Well, the truth is, women have secret thoughts too.

In fact, a woman’s secret thoughts can be as private – as devastating – to her as your private thoughts are, to you.

These secret thoughts are often about men. These secret thoughts are often her hopes, dreams and desires about men, dating and relationships.

Knowing these secret thoughts gives you a gameplan, if you’re interested in a relationship with any gorgeous woman. All you need to do is uncover them and then use these thoughts to your advantage.

Here are her three secret thoughts -

Secret Thought #1 – About Men

Women wonder whether they can find the perfect man… or… whether they have to “fix” a man who’s almost perfect.

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And women go both ways on this. Some women date many guys, looking for that one special winner. Other women date a guy who’s “good enough” then try to make him perfect.

Knowing which type your woman is tells you exactly how to approach her to have the most impact. It reveals exactly what you should say to win her heart.

More on that in a second, but first…

Secret Thought #2 – About Dating

Women wonder whether she should allow herself to feel sexually attracted to men she’s dating… or… she should keep herself from feeling “those feelings” too soon. (After all, she doesn’t want you to think she’s a slut!)

Some women enjoy sex in their relationship whether or not you’re “Mr. Right.” Other women keep their sexuality in check, in order to preserve their innocence.

Knowing which type your woman is tells you exactly how to coax her into bed with you. It reveals exactly how to give any woman the best, most satisfying sex of her life just a few short hours after you meet her.

Which is extremely powerful, when you pair it with…

Secret Thought #3 – About Relationships

Women wonder whether she wants the white picket fence, stay at home mom life… or… a life of her own as a modern, “career” woman.

Some women want to feel loved and cared for in a relationship. They think their relationship should be ideal – perfect. Other women have a more realistic view on relationships and know nothing is ever 100% perfect.

Knowing which type your woman is tells you exactly how to keep her, once you have her. It reveals exactly how to keep your woman from leaving you – ever – even if you make a major mistake.

Together, these three secrets show you exactly how to win a woman, get her into bed and make her yours, forever.

I’ve revealed the exact questions you can ask to discover a woman’s three answers.

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