How Unattractive Guys Get Laid

How can unattractive guys get laid, Vin?

One of the cool things with girls is that looks tend not to matter that much. I’ve met a lot of guys who weren’t traditionally good looking and they had a total abundance of girls because there is something ELSE girls look for in a guy–

Unattractive guys get laid because of their personalities.

In fact I had a male friend for a while who looked like a model. He was the sort of guy where on photo’s my female friends and even the gay guys would say stuff like: wow, that guy is super hot and good looking. And when we go out, girls would approach him all the time.

The funny thing is… I ended up picking up ten times more girls then him.

And I’m not nearly as good looking as he is. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that one of the reasons they like buying my dating products is because I do look a little bit unattractive.

If you have other questions about getting laid, please ask in the comments. I answer each one personally.

How unattractive guys can get laid

High quality girls can much more about your personality than your looks


Looks in the scheme of things don’t actually matter that much.

If you want to know how unattractive guys get laid well you are going to have to learn how to change the stuff inside you; like how you think and your character. There’s a lot of stuff that’s far more important.

The first of which is your confidence.

If you’re a really confident guy and you’re very outgoing and you’re very good with people, looks are not going to matter so much.

The other aspect of something that can really attract girls, that’s way more powerful then looks, is being an extremely ambitious, hungry, positive type of guy. These guys don’t have to wonder how unattractive guys get laid because they KNOW. You know the sort of guy who just doesn’t quit. He’s always positive, always bubbly, he’s always going for his goals, and he’s always excited.

That type of enthusiastic guy who’s always looking in the future, he’s always upbeat, never feeling sorry for himself, never feeling down and out. He’s a ball of energy. He’s proud, life’s great, and he feels good. That is the sort of guy who will tend to be good with girls, no matter how he looks.

So what I recommend is cultivating that kind of electric, positive spirit every day.

Look to become more motivated. Look to become more energetic, look to become more excited about life. This is the sort of personality type that will far supersede anything to do with looks when it comes to getting girls.

I actually knew a guy who was the typical good looking guy, he was very tall, he was a body builder, he had the perfect looks, the sort of guy you’d walk down the street and girls would keep looking at him and try and pick him up.

He would actually go to clubs and over the course of a night, 2 or 3 girls would come up to him and want to go home with him. But the problem he had was he couldn’t actually get the girls he wanted. He was only pretty good at getting those club girls and he never could seem to get any high quality, intelligent, attractive girls, where as this is why I am so good at girls, because I rely more on my conversation then my looks.

I tend to appeal more to girls who are attractive and girls who are smart, because they want a guy who can hold a conversation.

They want a guy who is interesting and is funny and is positive. The real inside knowledge on how unattractive guys get laid is that they project a certain energy to girls. So don’t get too caught up on the way you look. Your looks aren’t everything, especially when it comes to getting good with girls.

Looks will only get you so far. And when it comes to really awesome girls, looks don’t matter at all.

These 10 Missions are a Start in Building the Personal Power to be a guy that gets girls no matter what situation he is in right now. These are your homework for the week.

(1)    To develop and maintain friendships that gives you great pleasure.

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(2)    To not be tolerating loads of things.

(3)    To attract opportunities easily.

(4)    To have reserves of everything (time, money, love, confidence etc)

(5)    To pass along the joy you feel.

(6)    To be a model for others.

(7)    To live with integrity, without effort.

(8)    To love easily without limit.

(9)    To live your best life.

(10)To wake up every day excited.

(11) To master the art (and psychology) of seduction so that you can get any woman you want to date you, have sex with you, and even be proud to be attached to you (no matter how ugly you get as you age)…

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Do you have any questions about getting laid? Please ask in the comments and I’ll answer personally.

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