Ice Breakers

Be calm and natural. Have a great time talking to women and keep the following tips in mind when you need an ice breaker…

Ice Breakers

Sometimes getting caught with your pants down isn't all bad!

1. What makes an ice breaker effective?

Without a doubt, having an infectious smile and a little humor is a good ice breaker. The more you can just have fun and not worry about relying on forced questions to start a conversation with new people, the easier it’s going to be. The more you treat it seriously, the less responsive people are going to be.

2. Is it good to have some pre-planned topics of conversation?

For guys who are really shy or lacking confidence, this is a good idea. There’s a lot of good videos on YouTube and many good books purely on the topic of small talk, which is about how to just start conversations with random people about subjects that don’t matter very much.

3. What do you do next?

A lot of guys sometimes have the tendency to plan everything ahead of time, so there are no nasty surprises. but this can be a dangerous course of action. You’ve got to be prepared for the unexpected. You’ve got to be able to think on your feet and be spontaneous and often the very best ice breakers are totally unplanned . Get in the habit of not caring what happens next, but just going with the flow. Women like men who are more spontaneous because women, as a general rule, are spontaneous creatures.

4. How can I train myself to be better at this?

Confidence in these situations comes through experience. Doing something like an improv class can be a really good starting point. An improv class is like an acting class, but you’ve got to think on your feet and you’ve got to be spontaneous. Classes like these are a great way to test drive your funniest ice breakers and get a little inspiration from like-minded people. You can practice this in everyday life, just simply by reacting to everyday situations.

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To do this, you’ve got to give yourself room to make mistakes as well. Let yourself screw up, and really just have fun, perhaps by laughing at your own expense.  This is very often an effective way to break the ice. The ability to laugh at yourself shows that you are an easy going person who doesn’t take life too seriously.

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