Is My Girlfriend Crazy? What Can I Do?

In your experience, what have been some signs that made you say, “Okay, turns out this girl might be a little crazy?”

At what point did those signs come with your girlfriend?

Is my girlfriend crazy?

Is your girlfriend starting to turn into a little devil? What can you do?

Do you have experiences with crazy girlfriends? Share in the comments below and I’ll answer each one personally.

For me, and it’s different for everyone, but I like a little bit of crazy in my girlfriends.

I like girls who are a little bit wild. I like girls who don’t necessarily hold a lot of regard for social rules and social expectations. I find that I’m more attracted to those types of girls than to staid, more socially acceptable ones that my mother might prefer.

However, I feel like if I were in a long-term relationship with one of those girls, that could then start to challenge my sanity a little bit. A crazy girlfriend does start to take energy away from me after awhile. I think with girls who are a little bit crazy, you’ve got to be careful how close you get to them. If you get too close to them, you will end up getting caught up in a lot of shit that you may not be willing to be involved in. These girls can be trouble magnets. They create a lot of drama around themselves and whomever is nearby.

But the thing with crazy girlfriends is that there are some advantages to them.

They’re usually fairly wild sexually, they like to go out and have fun, and they’re pretty responsive to casual relationships. If you do get too close to them, you’ll end up getting drawn in and going down with them. You’ll get caught up in their spiral of negativity, risk taking, and, basically, fucking up in life.

I have always found that it is great to have those types of girls in my life, but when I have had a crazy girl in my life, the first thing I had to do was keep some distance. That meant not sleeping over, not spending an entire weekend with her, not getting involved in her personal life, and trying to keep things, as best as possible, on a sexual level. You have to be comfortable in acknowledging the sexual connection that you two have and exploring that, but understand that you will not go too deeply into her emotional issues.

The second thing that I thought was important when I had a crazy girlfriend was to have someone to balance her out.

You have to have someone else you can turn to who is a little bit saner, a little more stable, and a little bit more secure with their decision making. I felt like that was a good balance for me.

If you can heed this advice, there’s no reason why you can’t have a crazy girlfriend, and there’s no reason why you should have to let her go. But realize that you’re walking along a tight-rope much of the time. It’s exciting, but if it does get to a point where it starts to become damaging to you, be willing to walk away. Don’t get dragged down the drain with any girl.

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