Is She Still Into Me?

Is She Still Into Me?

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You’ve been together with a girl for a while now. The initial passion and excitement of your relationship has faded a bit, and you are starting to settle into a routine when it comes to your interactions with her. After a while you start to notice disturbing trends in her behavior – whether she is less excited to spend time with you, or less excited to be with you when she is spending time with you, whether she doesn’t tell you she loves you as much, doesn’t want to have sex as much, doesn’t kiss you as much, doesn’t want to talk to you as much, doesn’t want to do things for you as much, etc – that indicate she might be losing interest in your relationship. At this point, a frightening question begins to form: Is she still into me?

When trying to answer the question, “Is she still into me?” the first factor to consider is the influence of outside factors in her life that might be causing her to stress and focus on other things outside of you and her relationship with you. Perhaps the question could be, “Does she not have enough time for me?”

There is a chance that, because you have been together with her for a long time, she could have begun to take for granted that you will be together, and therefore finds it easy to neglect you or your relationship to deal with more immediate and more stressful things (whereas earlier in the relationship she might not have been able to afford to do this.) If you think this is the case, try and see what you can do to help. Help her with anything you can, try to help her through things if she wants, and make her feel like she is not alone, she is loved, and very much appreciated. Hopefully, whatever is bothering her or taking up her time will pass and she will appreciate you in turn.

If, however, she doesn’t have the time for you or she has other things occupying her mind, but rather from her simply losing interest in you, your relationship, or simply being in a relationship, there is less that you can do. From here you must either accept that your relationship may not last all that much longer, and try to accept the thought of being without her, and being single again, or you must try and take an active role in making her see all that you bring to her, and how irreplaceable you would be in her life if she let you go. The latter course of action is difficult because she must see for herself that you are special and irreplaceable, you cannot simply tell her and expect it to do anything.

The best thing to do would be to be romantic and appreciative, try to take her on a wonderful date or even a short vacation, but not to cling to her all the time, give her her space, and hope that she does some thinking on her own, and your worries might eventually be alleviated.