Kissing Tips Guaranteed To Win Her Approval

Kissing Tips Guaranteed To Win Her Approval

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Get the edge with any woman by knowing the secrets of how to kiss and kiss well. How can you become a make-out master, so masterful in the art of kissing that you’ll have her moaning for more?

Knowing how to kiss is very important to women, so if you are at a loss on how to kiss correctly, I have a few kissing tips guaranteed to win her approval.

I’m going to give you real world tips which I acquired from past experiences and pass on to my students so that they too can learn to become very successful kissers. When you use these kissing techniques, you’ll totally transform your make-out with every woman and turn it into all night romance sessions. With women, kissing is the name of their game, so learn to play it well.

Tip #1: Hug and embrace.

When you’re kissing her, make sure you hug her and give her a firm muscular embrace. Make her feel like she’s protected by you and bring her as close to you as you possibly can. Women love to feel the warmth of your embrace. They love to feel your arms around them. Women love hugs; they always have and always will.

Don’t be a python and squeeze the life out of them. Hug softly, but firmly, and bring them into your presence. Women love to snuggle, so add a bit of that into the mix as well.

Tip #2: Let your fingers do the walking.

Explore with your hands. When your kissing her, don’t let your hands remain inactive and just stay at your side. Let them do some walking and explore her body. Get into her touch and the way she feels. Grab her hands or softly caress her. Just be doing something to establish a more intimate contact, because touch is one thing that will always increase desire in women.

Tip #3: Be a tease.

Kiss and tease her a bit. Go in for the kiss and then kind of buckle. Bite and tug at her lips a bit. Kiss her neck, and when she’s groaning for more, pull away. Take your hands and start rubbing her, staying away from her pussy. Just tease her and build up that anticipation and she’s going to become so hot and bothered that she’ll be in the ultimate state of desire. Anticipation will ALWAYS excite women.

Tip #4: For goodness sake, make sure your breath is fresh.

Worst thing you can do is to have bad breath. It’s going to make everything you do while kissing inadequate and pointless. She’ll be so turned off from that smell coming from your mouth that she won’t want any part of it. When in doubt, carry breath mints at all times.

You’ll never learn to kiss if you can’t get her to come near you. This point should be obvious, but sometimes guys just think with the wrong head, so I felt it was worth mentioning.

Tip #5: Moisten your lips.

You don’t want to be kissing her with lips that feels like sandpaper and are cracked and dry. Make sure that you have some chap stick with you to keep your lips hydrated and ready to go.

Tip #6: Don’t ram your tongue down her throat.

When you go in for a kiss, make sure you build up to it slowly. Work your way slowly in her mouth and start with a gentle touching of the lips. Then give a little bit of tongue and work your way in further as your emotions escalate.

Remember, it’s not a race, so take things nice and slow. Women judge you on your ability to kiss, because if you’re an excellent kisser, then you’ll be excellent in bed. If you go into a kiss and rush her, then she’s going to assume that you’re a poor lover, or worse, someone that disregards foreplay and goes straight for the sex. “Wham bam, thank you, ma’am” is not a turn on, and she won’t be back.

Tip # 7: Kiss her neck.

A woman’s neck is one of her most sensitive erogenous zones. When you kiss her neck and lick it softly as you go, it will heighten her emotions and bring her to such an amazing sexual state that she just won’t be able to resist anything else that you want to do. You want to make her hot and beg for more? Always go for the neck!

Tip #8: Rub your legs against her pussy angling it towards her clitoris.

This also works well on the dance floor. While your kissing her, rub your knee gently against her pussy and it will instantly cause her to become aroused. And what happens when she’s aroused? You’ll have no trouble at all getting her to want sex.

Tip #9: Whisper in her ear.

When you’re kissing her, whisper very gently into her ears, telling her how much you want her, to be inside her. Women love to have sensual words of desire whispered in their ears. While you’re at it, give her ear a little kiss, as well. You’ll drive her wild and crazy.

Tip # 10: Tug at her hair while kissing her neck

While you’re kissing her lightly at the back of her neck, grab the top of her hair and just gently pull on it. This really attracts the more primitive side of her and causes her to feel your male dominance, which puts her in a submissive state. Women love to get a bit wild and kinky, and when you exert your masculine energy, she’ll give you her femininity in ways you never thought possible.

Kissing is the way to any woman’s heart. These kissing tips are guaranteed to win her approval, arouse her desire, and get her into your arms and into your bed.