Lesbian Advice For Flirting With Straight Girls

Who better to tell you how to drive a girl crazy than a girl who’s been on both sides…

Lesbian Advice

We love 'em... sure. But lesbians also have a lot of advice for us

 Lesbians can give great flirting advice even in regards to a straight girl, but you should approach the request for advice in a positive, fun way.

Don’t assume that just because she is a lesbian that she is a ladies woman with all the answers or that she is willing to share her secrets with you. Once you know she has her shit together and that she knows the score to flirting with girls, both straight and lesbian, get to know her to see if she would be cool sharing her know-how with you; a straight man looking for clues.

Then once you know she is willing to share with you, watch, and learn.

So then, the first step is really to find the right lesbians for the advice.

If you happen to know one, then go talk to her. If she can give good advice, you are already ahead. If she can’t… she might know someone to hook you up with for a good chat. But, if you don’t happen to know a lesbian, don’t be afraid to go to a gay or lesbian bar.  Play pool, relax and talk about anything that comes to mind. Sports, news, and local events so that others can see you are cool and not looking for action with them.

Trust me… lesbians can spot a guy who is looking to score sex and prove what a big man he is.

Once they see you are no threat to them, then get to know a few to see who plays the flirtation game best.

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For some guys, they may find that the lesbian culture is wilder and more open. That is a good thing, because an open path of communication is what you are looking for, right? As you watch and learn the way lesbians flirt, you will see that they are more direct about their attractions and interests. No pussy-footing around for these gals. They want to get it on and NOW. Games are for courts and fields. They are not for dating. One person said that he likes that that the lesbian crowd is less subtle.

More like, “Hey… this is me. I like you. I want to stick my tongue down your throat. If you don’t want it, this girl will.”

You will probably see that there are some similarities between butch lesbians and hetero-males. Some may be more “gentlemanly” with things like pulling back the chair in a restaurant, opening doors and letting the femme go through first. These are basics to letting the gal know you are a good catch. Then there are the tough girls who are jocks who know how to strut their stuff. The femmes notice whichever woman they want; the gentleman or the jock. Find the lesbian who matches your style best, then follow her lead and ask her what works for her.

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