Long Distance Relationships – How To Tell If She Likes You Over...

Long Distance Relationships – How To Tell If She Likes You Over The Phone?

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Long distance relationships become even more difficult over time, but only if you let them. The best way to tell if she likes you over the phone is to see if she is the one to call you, if she sometimes insists on finding a way to video chat, she gets personal, and she doesn’t give you generic excuses just to hang up. Long distance relationships depend on the strength between you and her, which means how much time you spend communicating.

She calls you
You can tell she likes you over the phone if she even calls you in a long distance relationship. Going through the effort of calling someone for a long distance relationship is becoming exceedingly hard for people because of phone pricing, call connectivity, and simply remembering the times zones. Therefore, if she goes through all of that effort just to call you in a long distance relationship, it’s a definite sign over the phone that she likes you.

She insists on video chat
We now have Skype and camera phones that make it extremely easy to have internet chats. This usually removes the cost, but not the time zones and definitely not the connectivity. These programs have a lot of complaints about calls dropping. In a long distance relationship they will sometimes insist on video chatting, and this just means that your long distance relationship has a solid foundation, not just that she likes you over the phone.

She gets personal
If you’re on your first couple of dates and she gets personal, it means you’ve made it into the second base zone for a long distance relationship. Most women will keep their anonymity as long as possible simply because of how unsafe she feels. If you have been in a long distance relationship before then you know it’s important not to let all of yours secrets out right away. The fact that she is personal over a phone means that she likes you.

No generic excuses
If she likes you over the phone then she won’t avoid the phone. When you start getting messages of “will be late” or “hanging out with friends” with no call afterwards, usually it means that she has lost interest in you for the most part. It’s important not to judge her on this all of the time, though, as her job may require her to be away from the phone. You may see a very sincere apology when she wakes up and realized what she did.

No matter what, if she likes you over the phone she will make a determined point to make sure she is always there for it. If the calls get later or don’t happen as much, then it means that she is either caught up in life or she’s losing interest in you. When it comes to worrying about what’s happening on her end it’s best to follow a friends advice, “If it is a rose, then it will bloom.”