Long Lasting Relationships Work Because of Couples Foreplay

Relationship Secrets to Make it Last…

Foreplay is a great key to long lasting relationships.

Long Lasting Relationships Work Because of Couples Foreplay

She'll love it when you touch her in that special way that turns her on.

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Foreplay is sex…

While sex is an important part of any relationship, most women will find foreplay to be even more important than the sexual act itself. This is why foreplay between people who have been together for a long time should be an integral part of  their lasting relationship. But what a lot of guys find difficult is how they can stay “frisky” while letting their girlfriend know that he finds her attractive and wants to spend lots of time with her. This question often comes up when they ask for advice on relationships. When I give advice on relationships I often suggest that men make a game of foreplay, making consummation a mutual reward. This is a secret shared by many couples who have long lasting relationships.

Do what you want…

The most important part of any lasting relationship is for it be spontaneous and unpredictable.  If your girlfriend, lover or wife really gets turned on by the pleasure you get from her, that in itself is an achievement you should savor and enjoy. Then you can show her how much you appreciate her pleasure, and suggest more ways that you would like to use to enjoy her even more. If you want to know how to build a lasting relationship that will ensure a good, healthy sex life, then you need to work on what you both enjoy. The good news is that this is fun.

Tell her what you like…

A healthy relationship is something special to two people. So it’s a really good idea is to explain in some detail the parts of her body that turn you on. People who have long lasting relationships KNOW what their partners like.  If this is new to you, you can try describing in words what you intend to do to her tonight. This in itself is a type of foreplay couples engage in which can be an amazing turn-on, and perhaps ironically can ultimately lead to love sex and lasting relationships.

Chances are that she will then look forward to her time with you in anticipation of the event. She might even cook you a meal first, during which time you can tease a little, telling her all the things you plan to do to her, for her, or with her tonight. Try whispering in her ear and running your fingers down her back to give her a thrill. Remember how touch can turn a woman onAnd don’t ever forget one of the most valuable tips on relationships, which is to never to allow hurt feelings or old resentments to affect the beauty of a good liaison between two people.

How to Make a Long Lasting Relationship Work

If you want to have a long relationship that really is going to work, your aim will be to ensure that you girlfriend, lover or wife wants you to really WANT her … desire her in the best sense of the word. She will also want to please you, particularly in bed.

But if you don’t give women the pleasure of foreplay, long lasting relationship tend not to be the norm.  When you give her feedback about things that you like, that show her that she is desired by you, and that she is pleasing you, this will turn her on and usually get the ball rolling. Realizing how sexual she can be and making her feel comfortable to open up like that with you is another key to long lasting relationships. Even if it means you have to push your boundaries with sex, then do it. Open up and try things that you thought you never would.

Remember that you are aiming for a lasting relationship and not a casual night of sex. Talk to her about what you are doing. Not only will that stoke the fire of passion, but the fewer walls there are between you, the more your mutual relationship can grow and really develop. You will find that your sex life will be so much better as a result. If you ARE NOT comfortable talking to your girl about sex, then it’s going to be very hard on a physical level to make her comfortable enough to open up to you long term.

Abandon Routine and Freshen Up

Men who want to know how to have long lasting relationships quite often as me for tips that will keep the relationship and fresh. I firmly believe that if you are sincere, the most important thing you can do is to find out what she really likes and communicate what you really like. Don’t be afraid of this. If you aren’t compatible on this level, then the relationship isn’t going to work out and you aren’t going to achieve a long lasting relationship. These are just words, after all. You need emotion and understanding as well.

And if it Doesn’t Work …

If you’re a really sexual person and she’s much more reserved, not because of shyness or not feeling safe, but because of her values as a person, then the relationship may not work. If you really want it to, you’re going to have to be willing to give her sufficient space and room to grow into a comfortable sexual place with you.

The really important part of a relationship is communication. If you really want to find good foreplay ideas, and you can’t come up with anything yourself, there are thousands of books that explain techniques, many of which have explicit photographs to help you. If you can focus on her, then she’s going to tell you exactly what you need to know, and if you’re lucky (and work at it) your relationship will be a long, fulfilling, happy one.

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