Make a Girl Fall in Love With You, Step By Step

Vin, I haven’t met the girl of my dreams yet… but I know I’ll find her soon because I’m following all of your advice.

When the time comes, how do you make a girl fall in love with you?

Men have been asking this question for centuries. And let’s face it – women don’t make it easy for us. Often they tell us they want one thing, and then they choose another. Sometimes, they seem completely illogical with their choices. At other times it feels like they want everything, and it’s just impossible for any regular guy to do that. How can you be everything to a girl if she doesn’t even seem to know what that everything is?

It’s frustrating, but there is help. What I have found personally is that if you hit these three very important buttons…you can make a girl fall in love with you.

Make Her Fall in Love

Make Her Fall in Love

Do you have questions about making women fall in love with you? When you are finished reading, ask your question in the comments and I’ll answer each one personally.

Three key triggers to make her fall in love with you:

 1. Women want to believe that you can sexually satisfy them.

Although they may hide it, deny it, or even argue with you about it – women are extremely sexual beings. They love sex, think about it a lot, and sex is just as important to them as it is to you. This isn’t the time to start telling me how good your sex moves are, because that’s not what turns girls on that much. It’s more about how you think about sex that makes them go crazy.

The main thing you have to have to drive girls crazy is an ability to turn them on, to make them horny, and to build sexual tension and expectation.

With women, sometimes the wrapping is better than the gift. You’ve got to be an expert tease. You need to know how to push and pull (a little bit forward, then a little bit backward) in conversation and anything physical…and you MUST know exactly how sexually aroused she is at any moment. I’ve developed a “sex radar” of sorts. I’ve gotten to the point where I can tell you exactly how much any woman walking down the street is ready to have sex at that moment. The results would shock and surprise you.

2. You must have emotional intelligence – and USE it.

One thing that all guys that are amazing with women have in common is emotional intelligence. That means they are more aware of emotions than the average guy. They understand their own emotions more fully, are better at managing them, and this permits them a better ability for sensing emotions in other people. Emotional intelligence is called EQ. And with women, your EQ is going to be far more important than your IQ.

To grow your emotional intelligence, a great idea is to start an emotions diary and track your emotions on a daily basis.

Start to build more awareness around how you feel at various times, and what causes these emotions. Increase your emotional vocabulary and develop more of a passion and interest in emotions in general. Master the concept of emotions in your own body and life. Understand the power that emotions have on shaping your life and all your results. Figure out which emotions are empowering and which ones are disempowering. Once you have this down, you can improve your own emotional expression. Let more of your emotions out in your language, facial expressions, and body language. Most importantly, stop suppressing, fighting, denying or resisting emotions – let them do their thing naturally, and pay attention to your emotional blocks.

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3. Get advice from experts, every step of the way.

Read as much of this blog as you can and aim for daily improvements. If you can stick with consistent progress, it will take years off your learning curve.

4. Discover what she wants and give it to her!

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