Make A Girl Squirt Through Relaxing Her

Make A Girl Squirt

I love when you...just a sec...OH MY God...

What are some ways a man can make a girl squirt?

Did you know every girl can squirt? But she is probably stopping it from happening.

It is something that a guy can help bring out of a woman, but first of all she has to allow it to happen. It is something for most women, that when they feel like they are about to squirt, they almost feel like they are going to urinate, so a lot of them restrict themselves and do not allow that to happen to them.

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Talk to her about it…

First of all, you need to talk to the girl and say it is possible and if you start to feel like this, just breathe and relax. The way a guy can help a woman squirt basically comes down to hitting her G-spot. One effective method to do this is to, first of all, lube your fingers and, taking them inside her, do a “come hither” motion with your fingers, almost like you are signaling someone to come to you. That’s what you do when you are inside her, to ensure that you are hitting her G-spot.

At the same time, before you do that, you have to ensure that she is in a relaxed state and is happy for you to be doing this. That is one essential thing that really helps. You want to do this for as long as possible. You want to do a rhythmic motion of your fingers, in tune with her body. If you feel like her breathing is starting to increase, you want your fingers’ movement to increase, also, in tandem with her breath. You want the motion to go with the way she is reacting to what you are doing her. Ask her for some guidance. Ask her, whether it feels good, whether you are hitting the right spot. If not, can you tell me where the better spot is for you?

Lube up…

Ensure that your fingers are constantly lubricated. Do not use dry fingers, because it will be a better sensation for her and will feel better for her if your fingers are lubed up. You want to ensure that she is properly lubricated and so are your fingers, and, of course, make sure your fingers are clean before you put on the lubrication. Another thing to do, when she feels she is about to squirt and is trying to restrict it, is to talk to her nicely and say, “Relax. Focus on your breathing and relax.” Perhaps compliment her and say, “How about you try to relax?”

Once she has done it once, realizes how good it feels, and that she is not going to urinate all over you, it will pretty much open up the flood gates. It is the first time that is the most difficult time, but when you get over that, it becomes easier and easier and will become an enjoyable sexual feeling for her and you, too, because you know how to pleasure a woman and helping her experience pleasure through this gift.

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